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Neu: The Tweeddale „Grain of Truth“

Neuer Single Grain von R&B Distillers

Die ersten Hinweise auf eine neue Abfüllung von R&B Distillers, die auch die Isle of Raasay Distillery betreiben, haben wir bereits im August in der us-amerikanischen TTB-Markendatenbank gefunden (siehe hier), jetzt haben wir die offizielle Pressemitteilung zum Erscheinen des neuen Single Grains erhalten. Hier kurz einmal die essentiellen Infos im Überblick, bevor Sie die gesamte Aussendung nachlesen können:

The Tweeddale Grain of Truth enthält 50% Weizen und 50% gemälzte Gerste, reifte in Bourbonfässern und wurde dann neun Monate lang in Oloroso Sherryfässern nachgereift. Er ist dadurch komplexer als herkömmliche Grain Whiskys.

The Tweeddale Grain of Truth kostet 50 Pfund und ist momentan bei Master of Malt erhältlich. Die Abfüllung wird auch in Deutschland erhältlich und beim Händler Ihres Vertrauens verfügbar sein.

Hier aber die Presseaussendung:


This October, heritage brand The Tweeddale will add a new single grain whisky to its repertoire – Grain of Truth.

R&B Raasay / Tweeddale © Malcolm Cochrane Photography

The Tweeddale was first blended by J&A Davidson in 1820 in Coldstream in the Scottish Borders, and later continued by Richard Day from 1895 to 1940. In 2009 Alasdair Day –great-grandson of Richard Day – decided to recreate The Tweeddale and to continue Richard Day’s eminent legacy. Grain of Truth represents Alasdair Day’s latest effort to create a memorable, rich and complex single grain whisky, based on traditional Victorian craftsmanship with innovative maturation techniques.

Grain of Truth possesses an uncommon composition of 50% wheat and 50% malted barley. The spirit was matured in bourbon barrels and finished for nine months in fine Oloroso sherry hogsheads imbuing the whisky with rich and warming honey and orange notes on the nose. This evolves into touches of dark chocolate and cognac on the palate, which is balanced by Oloroso, orange and dark chocolate notes, with a dry and spicy finish.

R&B Raasay / Tweeddale © Malcolm Cochrane Photography

Since its invention in the early nineteenth century, ‘Grain Whisky’ has been often been mistakenly maligned as an inferior category of whisky and despite its complexity and many desirable properties, it has been overshadowed by ‘Malt Whisky’. However, in recent years, grain whisky has witnessed a resurgence in popularity, with bartenders, industry experts and consumers alike reconsidering this style of spirit. Leading global award bodies have begun to introduce new categories in order to celebrate the increasing popularity of grain whisky, such as WWA’s Best Scotch Grain Award, which was won by The Tweeddale: A Silent Character in 2018.

The Tweeddale hopes that Grain of Truth will follow on from the success of R&B Distillers‘ awardwinning single grain, Borders, which was lauded at HKIWSC 2016 (Bronze) and in Scottish Field Readers’ Whisky Challenge 2017. With a strong heritage behind it, The Tweeddale is poised to redefine the perception of the category, and, through the launch of Grain of Truth, looks to the future of this grain whisky.

This unusual and memorable Grain of Truth has been designed with the curious drinker in mind. The 50% malted barley and sherry cask finish gives the whisky a more complex flavour than typical grain whiskies. Grain of Truth is delicious neat, on the rocks or with a mixer. The spirit flourishes when served in a Grain of Truth Highball: a refreshing long serve which retrains the distinctive sweet sherry and spice notes of Grain of Truth. In a highball glass stir equal parts of The Tweeddale: Grain of Truth Single Grain Scotch Whisky, premium quality ginger ale (or ginger beer) and bitters over ice. Garnish with fresh citrus fruit peel and serve as a light aperitif.

R&B Raasay / Tweeddale © Malcolm Cochrane Photography

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