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Neu von Irish Distillers: Method And Madness Amburana Wood Edition

Der neue Whiskey reifte in Fössern, die sonst für die Cachaça-Produktion verwendet werden und ist im Global Travel Retail erhältlich

Irish Distillers haben eine neue Ausgabe ihres Method And Madness Whiskeys auf den Markt gebracht: Der Method And Madness Amburana Wood Edition reifte in Amburanbaholz-Fässern, die normalerweise für die Herstellung von Cachaça verwendet werden, und soll daher ein ganz besonderes Geschmacksprofil bieten (siehe die offiziellen Tasting Notes in der untenstehenden Presseinformation).

Der Whisky ist ab sofort in Irland, Nordirland, in den Besucherzentren von Irish Distillers und im Global Travel Retai, zu finden, er kostet 95 Euro.

Hier die Infos dazu:

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Introducing Method And Madness Amburana Wood Edition

A new dimension of wood innovation in Irish whiskey

Irish Distillers, maker of some of the world’s most well-known and enjoyed Irish whiskeys, is proud to introduce the latest whiskey expression from its innovative Micro Distillery, METHOD AND MADNESS Amburana Wood Edition. The first single pot still Irish whiskey aged in casks made from selectively sourced Amburana Wood, usually reserved for spicy-sweet Brazilian spirit Cachaça, this latest release from METHOD AND MADNESS offers a completely revolutionary flavour profile.

Set to captivate both whiskey enthusiasts and discoverers, METHOD AND MADNESS Amburana Wood Edition is priced at a RRP of €95 and bottled at 46% ABV, with the latest cask experimentation contributing additional notes of marzipan, cardamom and vanilla.

Since 2017, the Micro Distillery has served as the copper canvas for experimentation, combining the wealth of knowledge of the Masters with the inquisitive minds of the Apprentices of Midleton Distillery, to create exceptional innovations that offer something completely unique to the Irish whiskey category. Exploring two primary routes of innovation: distillate creativity and unusual cask sourcing, this latest release celebrates the latter, transforming single pot still whiskey from the Midleton Micro Distillery with a finish in Amburana wood casks that ranges from 4 – 7 months.

METHOD AND MADNESS Amburana Wood Edition was created from triple distilled single pot still whiskey made using malted and unmalted barley, originally distilled in 2018 and matured in ex-American whiskey oak barrels. This whiskey then finished its journey in South American Amburana wood casks, until it was deemed a whiskey par excellence by the pioneering METHOD AND MADNESS team.

Upon first sip, METHOD AND MADNESS Amburana Wood Edition captivates the taste buds with scents of cardamom, marzipan, and demerara sugar. As the liquid unfolds, a harmonious interplay of clove, cinnamon and heather honey delights the palate. The finish lingers with woodland spice, hazelnut syrup and raw vanilla bean.

We’re delighted to launch METHOD AND MADNESS Amburana Wood Edition, an exciting expression crafted at the Micro Distillery in Midleton. Having trialled a variety of wood finishes, the team felt it was the optimum time to showcase the unique and interesting flavour profile of Amburana wood. This expression pushes the boundaries by using innovative wood, unlocking new flavours and yielding a truly distinctive character in the resulting whiskey.

Barrett Stapleton, Head Distiller at Irish Distillers’ Micro Distillery

METHOD AND MADNESS is the pioneering Irish whiskey brand renowned for pushing the boundaries of traditional distilling. The brand is designed to reflect a next generation Irish spirit with a measure of curiosity and intrigue (MADNESS), while honouring the tradition grounded in the generations of expertise at Midleton Distillery (METHOD).

METHOD AND MADNESS Amburana Finish will be available from 17th May in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Irish Distillers’ Brand Homes, Global Travel Retail, at the RRP of €95, and will be available in the USA early 2025.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Cardamom, Marzipan, Demerara Sugar

Taste: Clove, Cinnamon, Heather Honey

Finish: Woodland Spice, Hazelnut Syrup, Vanilla

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