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PR: Bei Lagavulin – Die erste Bass Drum aus einem Whiskyfass (mit Video)

Lagavulin klingt jetzt auch noch gut 😉

Viel mehr braucht man zu dazu nicht sagen: Klasse Idee, klasse PR-Geschichte von Lagavulin und – ja, geiler Sound :-). 

Oder: Was heraus kommt, wenn einige Leute eine verrückte Idee haben und eine Destillerie Gefallen an verrückten Ideen findet:

PS: Die Bass Drum kann zur Zeit bei der Destillerie Lagavulin besichtigt werden

Musicians Build World’s First Scotch Whisky Cask Bass Drum

The Rhythm and Booze Project, a pair of musicians passionate about whisky, have built the world’s first bass drum made from an entire Scotch whisky cask.

A musical duo creating events and videos combining live music with whisky tastings, The Rhythm and Booze Project collaborated with Islay’s legendary Lagavulin distillery and vintage drum specialist Majetone Industries to create a bass drum from a cask originally used to mature Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky, which before that contained American bourbon until it was shipped over to Islay shores. 

To showcase their creation, the band has released a video on its YouTube channel, chronicling the drum’s construction and showcasing its colossal sound with its cover version of John Lee Hooker’s classic blues tune ‘Boom Boom’.

Felipe Schrieberg (Vocals/dobro) and Paul Archibald (Drums/percussion) founded The Rhythm and Booze Project in 2018 to fuse their passion for music, performance, and whisky.

The idea for the drum began as a light-hearted chat that we didn’t think would actually happen, but when we asked Colin Gordon (Lagavulin’s distillery manager) about it, he was on board,explains Felipe.We’re delighted and proud of the result. It sounds like thunder.

 Our first visit together to Lagavulin in 2012 is one of our most memorable whisky experiences,” says Paul. “Because of that trip, we now play at the distillery every year during the Feis Ile. This drum is the representation of that personal connection, our passion for Lagavulin, and for Scotch whisky in general.

The drum itself is built like a Viennese timpani, with the skins on either side of the drum stretched over the top of chime hoops, metal hoops normally used to help hold the cask together. The heads are then attached via a specially designed system of lugs, bolts, and hooks. By using the entire cask for the drum, its resonance is given unbelievable depth. The resulting sound is loud, vibrant, deep, and unlike any other instrument of its kind.

Distillery Manager Colin Gordon said:

“I have known the band for a few years and similar to myself they share a passion for great music and great whisky. Having played the drums since school, I was so excited when Felipe and Paul presented us with this idea. We quickly sourced the cask, which had previously held our iconic Islay whisky Lagavulin, and in a short space of time it was transformed into the bass drum. I was lucky enough to join the band at Feis Ile 2019 and play along on the drums using the new bass drum. It was the perfect way to celebrate the building of the drum and we all agree that it is an excellent musical representation of our whisky, famous worldwide for its signature smoke and robust flavours.”


The drum is currently on display for all visitors to the Lagavulin distillery on Islay.

The Rhythm and Booze Project features Felipe and Paul, a duo fusing live music and whisky through gigs, tasting events, and multimedia. As a musical outfit, the band incorporates roots, folk, and blues music in a uniquely gritty mix of its own, blending hypnotic grooves with raucous energy and irresistible showmanship. For their whisky tasting events, Felipe and Paul merge performance, live music, and multi-sensory experiences.

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