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PR: Letzte Chance, ein erstes Fass aus der Lagg Distillery auf Arran zu kaufen

Einige wenige Fässer für die Lagg Society sind noch zu haben - abgefüllt im Zeitraum von Mai bis Oktober 2019 - mit Kontaktmöglichkeit im Artikel

Im April 2019 begann die Lagg Distillery auf der Insel Arran mit dem Brennen – dort widmet man sich ausschließlich torfigem Whisky. Zwischen Mai und Oktober 2019 wurden dort 700 Fässer exklusiv für die Lagg Society abgefüllt – die meisten davon sind bereits verkauft.

Nun hat uns die Lagg Distillery wissen lassen, dass einige wenige Fässer noch zu haben sind – mit dem Erwerb eines Fasses sichert man sich nicht nur die Teilhabe an den ersten Schritten der Brennerei, sondern auch automatisch die Mitgliedschaft in der Lagg Society.

Mehr Infos zu den Fässern und bei Interesse auch eine Kontaktmöglichkeit für Fragen zum Kauf finden Sie im nachfolgenden Text, den uns die Destillerie übermittelt hat:


Become part of a new island whisky legacy by purchasing one of the first fill casks from the Lagg Distillery, situated on the Isle of Arran.

Each First-Fill Ex-Bourbon barrel contains a rich, earthy, peated spirit that will become the staple of Lagg’s Single Malt in the years to come.

When buying a cask, you will automatically become a member of the exclusive Lagg Cask Society, which comes with benefits including your name on the Wall of Fame within the distillery and, incredibly, a bottle from the very first cask to be filled at Lagg, a 10-year-old Lagg Single Malt.

Lagg Distillery started distilling for the first time in April 2019, and between May to October 2019, the distillery went on to fill a total of 700 casks for their Lagg Cask Society members.

Graham Omand, Master Distiller of Lagg Distillery, said:

“Of the 700 initial casks, nearly all have now been secured and we are holding the very last available casks without owners! So, if you have been thinking about a purchase, now is a great time to get in touch. By purchasing one of our first fill casks, you will become a key part of the history of Lagg Distillery and over the years you will be able to watch your cask mature and sample it annually.”

Stuart Hamilton, Lagg Cask Owner, said:

“The team at Lagg have a great whisky provenance and their passion for what they do is clear and infectious, as soon as you meet them. Doing this as a family gives us a reason to come together from the various parts of the world that we live in and it is a reminder of happy memories and something for the family and the younger generations to look forward to.“

If you are interested in learning more about the Lagg Cask Society, contact Gillian Snaddon at and she will be delighted to provide you with further information on how to join.

For further information on how to purchase the last remaining casks to be filled at the Lagg Distillery and become a member of the Lagg Cask Society, visit

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