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PR: Waterford Distillery startet Single Farm Origin Serie

Das Trio ist ab Ende Juni im Whisky-Fachhandel, in der Brennerei und online erhältlich

Die irische Waterford Distillery stellt ihre ersten allgemein erhältlichen und (auch von uns) lang erwarteten Single Malts mit ihrer Single Farm Origin Serie vor: Bannow Island, Ballykilcavan und Ratheadon, jeweils in der Edition 1.1.. Bannow Island und Ballykilcavan kommen Ende Juni in den Whisky-Fachhandel, Ratheadon ist ausschließlich online und in der Destillerie erhältlich. Abgefüllt sind sie mit 50 % Vol. und kommen ohne Färbung, Kühlfiltration oder Zusatzstoffe aus. Die UVP liegt zwischen 70 und 79 €, abhängig vom jeweilgen Land.

Später im Jahr erscheinen in den USA und anderen überseeischen Märkten weitere Abfüllungen der Single Farm Origin Serie. Alle weiteren Informationen zu den Abfüllungen aus Mark Reynier’s Brennerei finden Sie in der folgenden englischsprachigen Pressmitteilung, die wir erhielten und hier gerne mit Ihnen teilen:


Terroir-driven whisky producer, Waterford Distillery, unveils its highly anticipated first commercial releases since it began distillation in 2015.

Influenced by the world’s greatest winemakers, Waterford Distillery obsessively brings the same intellectual drive, methodology & rigour to single malt whisky.

Using 100% Irish barley, widely considered to be the world’s finest, its new Single Farm Origin series is an uber-provenance range of limited edition natural whiskies that explore Irish terroir one farm, once place, at a time. They are expressions of precision and rarity, showcasing barley flavours derived from individual Irish farms and harvests.

The distillery’s ultimate aim is that these component single malts come together create the world’s most unique, complex and profound whisky. But as part of this new series they mark the distillery’s first commercial steps to showcase barley-forward, terroir-driven natural whiskies.


The first two Single Farm Origin editions use barley originating from unique corners of Ireland:

Bannow Island: Edition 1.1 – distilled from barley grown by Ed Harpur on the extreme southern coast of Co. Wexford, where salt-laden Atlantic winds and sandy soils create a unique, if challenging, terroir.

Ballykilcavan: Edition 1.1 – distilled from barley grown by David Walsh-Kemmis west of the Barrow in Co. Laois in the barley heartlands, where his fertile fields are sheltered by ancient woodland.

Bottled at 50% ABV without colouring, chill-filtration or any additives – totally natural – each Single Farm Origin has a RRP of between €70-79/£70 (depending on location) and will be available in specialist whisky retailers from the end of June 2020.

Different Single Farm Origin bottlings, equally unique, will be released to the US and other overseas markets later in the year, whilst Single Farm Origin: Ratheadon: Edition 1.1 will follow exclusively online and from the distillery itself.

Waterford Distillery Founder and CEO Mark Reynier says:

„I’ve spent a lifetime in the top end of drinks industry – half in fine wine, half in single malt – and Waterford is the culmination of this rather unusual journey. It’s rare one has the chance to breathe life into to such a provocative concept, one of such of precision, challenge and originality.

„For years folk have been hoodwinked on where whisky’s quality truly lies – once stills, then water, now wood. We want to shine the light on what really makes malt whisky the most complex spirit in the world, the primary source of all that extraordinary flavour: barley.

„I can safely say no stone has been left unturned. No challenge unmet. Thanks to unparalleled logistics, great teamwork, and singleminded focus we can now share our inspiration, this vision, that will one day rebalance the way we look at and enjoy this fine spirit. And this is just the beginning.“


All of Waterford’s whiskies use 100% demonstrably Irish-grown barley – one farm, one terroir, at a time – without adding any imported grains to meet specifications. Following a strict methodology that originates in the greatest vineyards of France, each farm’s crop is kept separate from field to barrel.

Using a mash filter instead of a mash tun, minimum 120-hour fermentations, and exceptionally slow distillations, Waterford produces the most natural and respectful expressions of barley possible. Throughout the entire process, the distillery keeps track of thousands of data points.


Every bottle features its own pioneering TÉIREOIR code, which once entered on the website from the end of June will reveal a host of unprecedented and engaging content related to the release.

Using rich photography, and drawing upon the distillery’s unrivalled digital logistics systems, drinkers will be able to explore the place, the harvest, the grower, distillation details as well as view the full spectrum of wood.

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