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PR: Writers‘ Tears unterstützt Film über vier Frauen hinter der Erstpublikation von James Joyce’s „Ulysses“

Für das Projekt über jene vier Feministinnen, die die Arbeit des Schriftstellers ermöglichten, gibt es auch eine Crowdfunding-Kampagne

Knapp ein Jahrhundert nach der Erstpublikation von James Joyce’s Ulysses wird Drehbuchautorin und Regisseurin Lisa Reznik einen Film über jene vier Frauen drehen, die den Schriftsteller bei seiner Arbeit gegen alle Widerstände unterstützten und so auch die Erstausgabe des Buches ermöglichten. Der irische Whiskey Writer’s Tears unterstützt die Produktion von „Left Bank“, die im Frühjahr 2022 in New York Premiere haben wird – und wer dies ebenfalls tun will, findet dazu Möglichkeiten bei einer Crowdfunding-Kampagne auf Kickstarter.

Mehr über das interessante Projekt, das ein wichtiges Stück irischer Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte behandelt, in der nachfolgenden englischsprachigen Presseaussenung von Walsh Whiskey:


  • Writers’ Tears whiskey to support Left Bank an international, hybrid documentary film about Four Remarkable Women who made the first publication of Ulysses possible in 1922.
  • Writers’ Tears whiskey to support Left Bank an international, hybrid documentary film about Four Remarkable Women who made the first publication of Ulysses possible in 1922.

Dublin, Paris & New York – 4th June 2021: Some 99 years after the publication of James Joyce’s, Ulysses, Writers’ Tears Irish whiskey is providing inspirational support for the production of Left Bank – a hybrid documentary film about how four unheralded, independent-thinking women made Joyce’s banned, burned and censored book a reality.

The innovative film, which will be released internationally in 2022 – the centenary year of Ulysses, will reveal the interwoven relationships between Joyce and the four women key to supporting his writing, his family and the publication of Ulysses in 1922 – considered the greatest novel of the 20th Century.

These four women of different nationalities were: Joyce’s muse/then wife – Nora Barnacle, born in Galway, Ireland (1884-1951); Joyce’s patron, Harriet Weaver, born in Cheshire, England (1876-1961); his publisher Sylvia Beach, born in Baltimore, USA (1887-1962) and Beach’s lover and bookstore owner, Adrienne Monnier, born in Paris, France (1892-1955).

Left Bank is currently being produced in Dublin, Paris and New York, where the project originated. It will be a hybrid feature documentary- using scripted scenes, animation and graphics, interviews with expert and archival footage/photos. The film will evoke the time, place and mood of effervescent 1920s Paris as women fought to fulfil their creative and intellectual potential. 

Writers’ Tears Irish whiskey, is providing funding, promotional and liquid support to the project team. The producers are in the process of arranging the financing of the innovative film which has a budget of [approximately €1.3 million/ USD$1.6 million]. The first phase of development funding, being raised on Kickstarter.com, closes soon on the 9th June, 2021. People can donate directly through: Left Bank by lisa reznik — Kickstarter.

James Joyce

Announcing the partnership, Bernard Walsh, the creator and owner of Writers’ Tears whiskey along with his wife Rosemary, said:

“We are delighted to further our association with the arts, and in particular the works of James Joyce, through this great partnership with the team producing Left Bank – The Film. We already support Sweny’s Pharmacy of Lincoln Place, which the author himself visited in 1904 and which featured in Ulysses as part of Leopold Bloom’s legendary walk through Dublin on 16th June of the same year, when the entire novel is set. We have exciting plans to bring our celebration of Joyce’s creative genius to new levels next year, the centenary of the publication of Ulysses and Bloomsday itself.”

Jane Applegate, lead producer of Left Bank – The Film said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Bernard and Rosemary Walsh to produce this film which reframes history, telling the story of these remarkable feminists who were the cornerstones of Joyce’s literary success.”

“Our team of award-winning female filmmakers is based in Ireland, France, Finland and America,” Applegate said. “We start shooting in Dublin on Bloomsday (16th June) and will be back to shoot the narrative scenes between Nora and James in the Fall.”

The narrative scenes will be shot at a studio in France and co-produced by Margaux Dupont’s VLAM Productions.

Lisa Reznik, Left Bank’s, co-writer and co-director, said:

“I’ve been researching this untold story for more than 10 years. We are so happy to be sharing it with Joyceans and others who love books and literature.”

Left Bank Bookseller, Reznik’s short narrative film, which inspired the Left Bank hybrid documentary, will be screened in Dublin during the 2021 Bloomsday Film Festival (Bloomsday Film Festival — Bloomsday Festival). 

About Left Bank – The Film: 

Left Bank is an innovative, hybrid documentary telling the untold story of the four remarkable feminists who supported James Joyce so he could write his banned, burned and censored books. The story of Nora Barnacle, Sylvia Beach, Harriet Weaver and Adrienne Monnier, will be told through scripted scenes, animation, interviews and archival footage. The film will be shot in Ireland, France and the U.S. and will be released in 2022 to celebrate the 100 year-anniversary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Here is the link to watch the videos and support the film via Kickstarter until June 9, 2021:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lb4/left-bank

After the Kickstarter campaign ends, New York Women in Film and Television will be our fiscal sponsor for any and all subsequent contributions.

About Writers’ Tears Whiskey:

First created by Bernard Walsh in 2009, Writers’ Tears comprises a range of six expressions of super-premium, triple-distilled Irish whiskeys. The range includes three core (Copper Pot, Double Oak & Red Head) and three limited-edition expressions. Two of the limited-edition expressions in the range are under the Writers’ Tears Copper Pot line and feature rare cask finishes – Marsala and Mizunara. The third limited-edition expression is a Cask Strength vintage, produced annually.

About Walsh Whiskey:

Established in 1999 by husband and wife, Bernard and Rosemary Walsh, Walsh Whiskey is a leading producer of premium and super-premium, triple-distilled, craft, Irish whiskeys – Writers’ Tearsand The Irishman. Demand for these critically acclaimed whiskeyscurrently exceeds available supply in the 50 countries they are distributed to worldwide.

Led by founder Bernard Walsh, and with a strong board of industry veterans, the company has built a portfolio of international award-winning drinks brands. These include 6 core expressions in a range of 14 premium Irish whiskeys under the Writerṣ’ Tears and The Irishman brands, as well as the Hot Irishman Irish coffee and The Irishman – Irish Cream liqueur.

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