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Ab Donnerstag, 15. April, 13:00 deutscher Zeit: Wolfburn Kylver#8 „Wunjo“ im Online-Verkauf

Die neueste Ausgabe des Kylver kagerte seit 2013 in einem Oloroso Sherryfass

Von der nördlichsten Festlandbrennerei Schottlands, Wolfburn, gibt es eine neue Ausgabe der Sammlerserie Kylver: Der Wolfburn Kylver#8 „Wunjo“ wir am Donnerstag, den 15. April 2021 im Onlineshop von Wolfburn zum Verkauf freigegeben, und zwar um 12 Uhr Britischer Sommerzeit (13 Uhr deutscher Zeit).

Vom Kylver #8 namens „Wunjo“, dem achten Buchstaben im Runenalphabet der Wikinger, wird es 980 Flaschen geben, zu einem Ausgabepreis von 84 Pfund. Der Whisky lagerte seit 2013 in einem Oloroso Sherryfass Hier die Beschreibung des Wolfburn Kylver#8 „Wunjo“ von der Webseite samt den Tasting Notes:

Shortly after our first ever bottling in 2016, Wolfburn was invited to create a whisky for the Caithness Viking Festival. Elements of the Viking runic alphabet were incorporated into the label design, which in turn gave rise to the idea of making a collectible series of bottles, following the runes of the Kylver Stone. This is the eighth instalment in that series.

Each edition in the Kylver series is unique, but they all have the common theme of having been matured in exceptional casks. The 980 bottles of Kylver#8 are the product of a single cask: an Oloroso sherry methuselah we laid down back in 2013 (cask number 745). Over the ensuing seven years this big cask has done a wonderful job of turning Wolfburn’s signature smooth, sweet spirit into a gloriously deep, rich whisky.

ON THE NOSE – Dried fruits lead the way, followed by hints of malt, all overlaid with rich treacle and caramel notes.

ON THE PALATE – Soft tones of raisins, dates and blackberries are accompanied by dark chocolate and hazelnut. There’s a subtle warmth imparted from the sherry, and gentle hints of vanilla and soft spices.

THE FINISH – Sweet caramel is accompanied by delicate floral notes, which fade gently away. A lingering trace of heather honey is found right at the end.

70cl 52.8% vol

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