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Highland Park stellt seinen bisher ältesten Whisky vor

In limitierter Auflage werden nur 225 Flaschen hergestellt – Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion kreierte den 54 Jahre alten Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bereits gestern berichteten wir über die Vorstellung des bisher ältesten Whisky der Highland Park Distillery, die offizielle Präsentation des Highland Park 54yo fand in London statt. Heute am Morgen komplettieren wir unsere Berichte über diesen Single Malt mit der englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung, den offiziellen Tasting Notes sowie weiteren Bildern der Präsentation. Ergänzend fügen wir an dieser Stelle noch unsere Interviews mit dem Global Brand Ambassador von Highland Park, Martin Marvardsen und Highland Park Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion ein:

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Limited release sees only 225 bottles crafted – Created by Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion

Orkney-based distillery, Highland Park, has unveiled its 54 Year Old single malt Scotch Whisky. The oldest release from Highland Park to date, only 225 bottles have been created, by Highland Park Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion and launches ahead of the distillery’s 225th Anniversary.

Photography by CPG Photography Ltd

The especially rare release will be available in the UK from Berry Bros. & Rudd and The Whisky Shop with an RRP of £39,000 from 23 February 2023.

Originally laid down in 1968, four refill butts and six refill hogsheads were combined in February 2008 and refilled into first fill European sherry butts, where the whisky continued to mature. The final 14 years of maturation (since 2008) in ex-sherry casks has imparted an additional deep, rich, natural colour and wonderful intensity to the whisky which was bottled at 54 years of age.

Photography by CPG Photography Ltd

Gordon Motion, Highland Park Master Whisky Maker, said:

“This exceptionally rare 54 Year Old single malt Scotch Whisky has been nurtured through careful maturation and harmonisation. Representing a quarter of Highland Park’s life, we felt it was a fitting way to mark our 225th anniversary; born and crafted in the heart of Orkney.”

The Highland Park 54 Year Old consists of a bespoke embossed bottle containing the 54 Year Old whisky, a beautiful presentation box crafted from the finest Scottish oak wood, and an invitation for the buyer to attend a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Orkney.

Photography by CPG Photography Ltd

Designed by award-winning craftsperson and designer, John Galvin, the box is sculpted to represent the cliffs of Yesnaby in Orkney. Each piece of wood was hand-blasted, and every box is unique with variations in colour. Revealing the glass inside, Michael Rudak, Senior Designer, Stoelzle Flaconnage, created the stunning bottle housing this rare, limited edition 54 Year Old liquid.

Photography by CPG Photography Ltd

Every detail of the bottle has been considered, for example, the conical ‘push’ at the base is a nod to the mash tuns at the distillery. The textural design was inspired by the old red sandstone at the Yesnaby Cliffs and by the idea of that surge of molten lava erupting from the seabed, slowing down as it formed Orkney’s islands.

To find out more about Highland Park visit:

About the 2023 release of Highland Park 54 Year Old

RRP: £39,000

ABV: 46.9%

Volume: Available in 700ml

Appearance: Natural cask-driven colour (no additives) deep Autumnal russet

Tasting notes: Intensely sweet, rich, and complex

Exotic lychee and camphor; vintage oak and delicate peat on the nose. Warm spices; crushed cumin, coriander seeds, summer rose and jasmine with a hint of kiwi fruit and pistachio on the palate. Sweet and spicy at the end, woody notes give way to a lingering whisper of sweet fenugreek and heathery peat smoke

Photography by CPG Photography Ltd

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