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Jameson stellt Jameson Orange in den USA vor

Nach dem James Cold Brew, der auch bei uns erhältlich ist, kommt nun der Jameson Orange Spirit Drink - vorerst in den USA

Nach dem Jameson Cold Brew Spirit Drink stellt Jameson nun in den USA eine zweite Variante dieser Produktgattung vor: den Jameson Orange, einen dreifach destillerten irischen Whiskey der mit natürlichem Orangengeschmack versetzt und mit 30% vol. abgefüllt wurde.

Ob der Jameson Orange auch in Europa in den Handel kommt, wissen wir noch nicht – die Chancen dafür sind allerdings gegeben, hat man ja auch den Cold Brew in den Geschäften des deutschen Sprachraums gefunden.

Hier die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung dazu:

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Jameson® Irish Whiskey Releases New Jameson Orange, a refreshing twist to the Celebrated Irish Whiskey Portfolio

Jameson Orange combines the brand’s signature triple-distilled Irish Whiskey with natural orange flavor for a delicious taste experience

NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Jameson Irish Whiskey is introducing a new flavored expression – Jameson Orange – to the U.S. market and its existing, core range of product offerings. The latest innovation in the Jameson family builds on the brand’s commitment to craft, taste, and flavor and delivers a standout whiskey-forward taste experience with a unique twist. 

Jameson Orange combines the finest triple-distilled Jameson Irish Whiskey with natural orange flavor. Bottled at 30% ABV and bursting with flavor, the new release introduces a whiskey-forward, differentiated liquid, with a subtle sweetness that will continue to help fuel the growing flavored spirits category.

„Taste is at the heart of every sip of Jameson produced. Triple-distilled whiskey like ours involves a carefully crafted process, perfected since 1780. Jameson Orange builds on that craft and we are incredibly proud to share this exceptionally well-balanced Irish whiskey with both existing and new whiskey fans.“

Kevin O’Gorman, Master Distiller at Irish Distillers

„The concept behind Jameson Orange was to create a product that would appeal to a growing audience of flavored spirits fans and curious whiskey drinkers, drawing on the quality and integrity of our award-winning triple-distilled Irish whiskey. Citrus flavor profiles, particularly orange, have high appeal amongst spirits drinkers1, making it a perfect profile to complement the smoothness of Jameson.“

Sona Bajaria, Vice President of Marketing, Jameson at Pernod Ricard USA

Jameson Orange can be enjoyed neat, on-the-rocks, and in a range of mixed drinks. It pairs perfectly with many simple serves including lemon-lime soda (Sprite®) or cranberry juice. It is equally delicious in a variety of craft cocktails.  With its signature taste and versatility of serves, it gives new and existing Jameson drinkers a refreshing new way to raise a glass together.

Jameson has been driving growth in the Irish whiskey category for more than 30 years, selling 7.6 million cases worldwide in 2020.  As the latest addition to the portfolio, Jameson Orange is well positioned to continue to help fuel the brand’s growth in the U.S. in 2022 and beyond.   

Jameson Orange is now available on shelves and in bars and restaurants nationwide.

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