Eines der intelligentesten und umfassendsten Interviews mit Master Blender Richard Paterson von Dalmore ist heute bei Miss Whisky erschienen. Das Interview berührt viele Fragen wie (natürlich) No Age Statement, Fass-Management und Märkte im Allgemeinen, und sowohl Fragen wie auch Antworten sind höchst interessant zu lesen (mit entsprechenden Englischkenntnissen, natürlich). Hier ein gutes Beispiel von vielen im Interview:

You’ve no doubt seen pressure on stocks and on the industry generally over the years. Do you think the right decisions have been made to ensure whisky for the future?

Remember: Dalmore is one of the few distilleries, like Glenfarclas, like Glenfiddich, like Macallan, who actually had the foresight to lay down stocks. A lot of companies simply do not have these stocks. And I’ll be honest, in my day I’ve been asked to get rid of very expensive whisky, blend it into something; if stocks were not turning over, you’d use older whiskies in your younger blends. You’ve got to manage your stock and use it as it dictates in the market. It would be wonderful to not sell or hold these whiskies but unfortunately you’ve got to work within the confines of your margins. It’s challenging. But, while I might have seen 10 different takeovers my enthusiasm has never diminished, even if it has been under a lot of pressure through these years.

Mehr also bei Miss Whisky, und es zahlt sich wirklich aus…

Richard Paterson (rechts), hier mit Spitzenkoch Daniel Boulud