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Pearse Lyons Distillery mit Gold bei Bord Bia Origin Green ausgezeichnet

Das Programm der Lebensmittelindustrie würdigt die Verbesserungen der Dubliner Brennerei für eine nachhaltige Produktion

In Anerkennung ihres Engagements beim Thema Nachhaltigkeit erhielt die Pearse Lyons Distillery den Gold-Status im irischen Nachhaltigkeitsprogramm für Lebensmittel und Getränke, Bord Bia Origin Green. Grundlage und ausschlaggebend hierfür waren unter anderem die Verbesserungen der Brennerei in der Verwendung von recycelten und recycelbaren Materialien bei Produktverpackungen, die Steigerung der Effizienz bei der Nutzung von Rohstoffen und die nachhaltige Abfallreduzierung.
Alles Weitere finden Sie in der englischsprachigen Presseaussendung, die wir von der Pearse Lyons Distillery erhalten haben:

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Pearse Lyons Distillery awarded prestigious Bord Bia Origin Green Gold Membership status

[DUBLIN, Ireland] – In recognition of their unwavering commitment to sustainability, Pearse Lyons Distillery has achieved Gold Membership, the highest and most prestigious standard in the Bord Bia Origin Green program. Pearse Lyons Distillery’s consistent improvement in the use of recycled and recyclable materials in product packaging, increased efficiencies in how raw materials are utilized, sustained waste reduction and community engagement were the basis for achieving this highly coveted status.

Pearse Lyons Distillery has proudly achieved Bord Bia Origin Green Gold Membership status. Pictured, from left to right, are Dr. Mark Lyons, President & CEO of Alltech, Deirdre Ryan, Director of Origin Green and Quality Assurance, Bord Bia, and Conor Ryan, Head of Production & Operations at Pearse Lyons Distillery.

“We are proud to recognize Pearse Lyons Distillery with the Bord Bia Origin Green Gold Membership status as they have employed excellent sustainability practices, such as yearly increased use of recycled and recyclable materials in their bottles and packaging, increased return from the grain used for distilling, annual reductions in waste produced and increasing engagement with the communities around the distillery,” said Deirdre Ryan, director of sustainability & quality assurance, Origin Green Programme, Bord Bia.

„It’s a true honour for Pearse Lyons Distillery to attain Origin Green Gold status this year,” said Conor Farrell, chief operating officer of Alltech’s Beverage Division. “Sustainability is a core value of our production and distribution practices, originally championed by the Lyons Family, Alltech and their Planet of Plenty™ initiative. We consider the well-being of the consumer and the environment in all processes, and it is our company’s ongoing intention to be not only one of Ireland’s leading sustainable distilleries, but also a leader in our local community.”

Origin Green is Ireland’s pioneering food and drink sustainability programme, uniting the government, private sector and complete supply chain, from farmers to food producers, foodservice and retail. As the world’s only national food and drink sustainability programme, Origin Green enables the industry to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets that respect the environment and serve local communities more effectively.

“The Origin Green program has become immensely important to us,” said Conor Ryan, head of production operations at Pearse Lyons Distillery. “It has enhanced and focused our business, environmental and community-focused initiatives and has aided us in the continual monitoring and improvement of efficiencies across all processes. We strive to maintain only the highest of standards and have implemented practices that continue to serve this value well. Measurement and a commitment to continual improvement have contributed to a highly efficient production process that minimizes waste and resource inputs. In addition, ongoing product packaging development is leading us towards fully recycled and recyclable material usage.”

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Pearse Lyons Distillery’s iconic glass steeple illuminates Dublin’s night sky.

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