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PR: Lagavulin Jazz 2020 – ab 3. Oktober bei Lagavulin erhältlich

Der neue Lagavulin Jazz ist 22 Jahre alt und wird exklusiv bei der Destillerie verkauft

Auch heuer gibt es zum jährlich stattfindenden Islay Jazz Festival (das in diesem Jahr leider nur online abgehalten wird) eine besondere Abfüllung von Lagavulin: Der Lagavulin Jazz 2020 ist ein 22 Jahre alter Whisky mit 52,6% vol, der in einer Auflage von 2004 Flaschen abgefüllt wurde und im Destillerieshop 405 Pfund kosten wird. Alle Infos zu ihm und zum diesjährigen Festival in der nachfolgenden Pressemitteilung:

LAGAVULIN™ unveils annual Limited-Edition Jazz Bottling

Lagavulin Distillery announces the launch of limited-edition 22 Year Old Single Malt Scotch whisky to celebrate 22 years of the annual Islay Jazz Festival, exclusively available to purchase at the Islay distillery from 3rd October.  Lagavulin Jazz 2020 will retail at an RRSP £405 per 70cl, bottled at 52.6% ABV with just 2004 bottles available.

RSP: £405

ABV: 52.6%

No. of bottles: 2,004

Available from: Only available to purchase at Lagavulin Distillery

Age: 22 years old

In brief… Unusual richness with fruity notes and smoky flavours, followed by a long finish

The Lagavulin Jazz Festival bottling has been much adored since its launch in 2011 and the annual release of the exclusive bottling for the festival has become a key moment in the whisky calendar.  This year the Islay Jazz festival has moved to an online format and will be held on Lagavulin and Friends of the Classic Malts Facebook pages on the 3rd October from 7pm BST and hosted in partnership with Jazz Scotland. The immersive event will take guests on a journey through a selection of Lagavulin experessions including the 2020 Jazz edition. Featuring musical performances, the event will be hosted by the new Lagavulin Distillery Manager , Pierrick Guillaume, who will be joined by Ewan Gunn, Diageo’s Global Whisky Master. Together they will explore the eclectic connection between Jazz and whisky and showcase a selection of delicious whisky cocktails that will not disappoint.

‘The Islay Jazz Festival has become a pilgrimage for many whisky and jazz lovers around the globe and we hope our friends will join us for the online event to celebrate 22 years of the festival. This will be my first festival having taken over as distillery manager of Lagavulin and although we are unable to host the event in Islay, we wanted to continue to honour the occasion by creating a remarkalble bottling. This year’s 22 year old bottle is a glorious and unique Lagavulin from an interesting mix of casks that have given an extra twist of rich, smooth and sweet fruitiness to the palate and finish.’

Pierrick Guillaume, Distillery Manager at Lagavulin

Matured in refill American and European Oak top-dressed by active casks, some of them wine seasoned, Lagavulin Jazz 2020 has a delightfully rewarding and unusual mix of richness, fruitiness and power on the palate. A full bodied expression but is extra-smooth in texture with an intense, sweet and smoky taste and a gloriously long finish. It can be savoured at natural strength or with a drop of water.

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