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PR: Scotch Whisky Association veröffentlicht Charta für Diversität und Inklusion

Die Charta wurde von der SWA und ihren Mitgliedern erstellt - auch Veranstaltungen sind dazu geplant

Wohl nicht wegen, aber doch im Licht der Affäre um die von vielen als sexistisch empfundenen Tasting Notes von Jim Murray (wir berichteten hier), hat die Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), der Lobbyverband der schottischen Whiskyindustrie, eine Charta für Diversität und Inklusion herausgegeben, die sicherstellen soll, dass die beiden Haltungen in den Betrieben der schottischen Whiskyindustrie unterstützt und gefördert werden.

Wir bringen dazu hier die Pressemitteilung der SWA und das PDF mit der Charta zum Download:

Scotch Whisky Industry Commits to Diversity and Inclusivity in Charter Launch

The Scotch Whisky industry has launched a Diversity and Inclusivity Charter to help create a diverse and welcoming workforce for people from all backgrounds.

The Scotch Whisky industry is this week launching its Diversity and Inclusivity Charter in a series of events led by the Scotch Whisky Association. 

The Charter, developed by the SWA and its members, underscores the industry’s commitment to improving equal opportunities across the sector and ensuring the industry embraces diversity in all its forms across its global workforce.  The Charter sets a series of minimum benchmarks for all SWA member companies to meet and sets a clear path for companies – large and small – to work together to ensure that the Charter commitments are fulfilled.

Welcoming the launch, Chief Executive of the SWA Karen Betts, said: “The Scotch Whisky industry is launching our Diversity and Inclusivity Charter today, doubling down on our commitment to actively welcome people from all backgrounds to work in our companies. Scotch Whisky is hugely diverse in itself, with our vast range of whiskies coming from all shapes and sizes of distilleries across the four corners of Scotland. Through the Charter, we are underscoring our commitment to attract a wide range of people to work for the industry in Scotland and around the world at all levels and at all stages in their careers.  Our goal is to ensure that our workforce is as diverse as our whiskies and the people who enjoy them.

Karen Betts, SWA Chief Executive, said:

“The Charter is just the start of the conversation. Many of our member companies are already engaging in a range of activities and programmes to improve diversity and inclusion, from flexible hours, to parental leave, mental wellbeing initiatives, and embracing new recruitment processes.  What the Charter will now do is foster collaboration between our companies, so everyone can learn from each other’s experiences and ensure we can move forward step by step, positively and collectively, on this important journey.”

„Through the Charter, we are underscoring our commitment to attract a wide range of people to work for the industry in Scotland and around the world at all levels and at all stages in their careers.“

Karen Betts, SWA Chief Executive

Cabinet Secretary of the Economy, Fair Work and CultureFiona Hyslop said:

„The Scottish Government is committed to making Scotland a Fair Work Nation by 2025 which means that we aim to embed diversity and inclusion in every sector of Scotland’s economy. This Charter demonstrates that Scotland’s iconic whisky industry is providing a fine example for businesses in Scotland and further afield to follow.     

„The commitment to embrace diversity will open up opportunities in the sector for skilled people from under-represented groups and it will encourage new business opportunities, customers and markets. The Charter supports the very best of Scotland’s ambitions to be a fair and inclusive society and economy. I welcome it wholeheartedly.“

Scott McCroskie, Chairman of the SWA Council and Chief Executive of Edrington, said:

“The launch of the Diversity and Inclusivity Charter is an important statement of intent from the Scotch Whisky industry to ensure the sector is a representative and welcoming place to build a career. Business decisions are stronger when a diverse range of voices have the opportunity to feed in, so the Charter is also vital to the continued strength of the industry. I look forward to working alongside the SWA and fellow member companies to fulfil the commitments outlined in the Charter, and fuel the Scotch Whisky industry’s success in the long term.”

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