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Die dänische Brennerei Stauning ist Gastgeber des 4. World Whisky Forum am 21. bis 23. Juni 2022

Zum ersten Mal kann am World Whisky Forums auch virtuell teilgenommen werden - Das übergeordnete Thema des World Whisky Forum 2022 ist Nachhaltigkeit

Die vierte Auflage des World Whisky Forums findet in Dänemark statt!. Nach der High Coast Distillery in Sweden, der Cotswolds Distillery in Groß-Britannien und der Westland Distillery in den USA im Jahr 2020 ist nun die Brennerei Stauning der Gastgeber der nächsten Veranstaltung, die vom 21. bis 23. Juni stattfinden wird. Das übergeordnete Thema des World Whisky Forum 2022 ist Nachhaltigkeit. Erstmals ist die Teilnahme auch virtuell möglich. Die Podiumsdiskussionen können online verfolgt werde, und sogar die Destillerie kann auf diesem Weg besichtigt werden.

Tickets sind ab sofort erhältlich. Alle weiteren Informationen zu dieser Veranstaltung finden Sie in der englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung:

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The fourth World Whisky Forum goes to Stauning… and goes virtual.

The fourth World Whisky Forum will be held at Stauning Whisky on the 21st to 23rd June, and tickets are currently on sale.

Since 2017, the World Whisky Forum has been about building bridges in the world of whisky. The goal is to develop the trade and the product, and to push progress – together. Previous Forums have been held at High Coast Distillery in Sweden, Cotswolds Distillery in the UK and Westland Distillery in the USA, and the World Whisky Forum team are delighted to announce that this year’s much-delayed Forum will be taking place on the beautiful West coast of Denmark at a distillery that is a pioneer of the New Nordic whisky movement.

The overall theme of the World Whisky Forum 2022 is Sustainability – a topic which is coming to dominate discussions of the future of whisky. The ways in which sustainability can impact the production, distribution and consumption of whisky are hugely varied, and this year’s array of panellists reflects that; people working on the sustainability of cereal crops, those looking at the supply of wood used for maturation, the people driving the design of next-generation whisky distilleries, and those rethinking the traditional, unsustainable packaging practices of the past.

The Forum will also look beyond the sphere of whisky production and bring in expert voices on communicating with consumers about sustainability – with a focus on how some of the world’s most highly acclaimed restaurants and bars enthuse their guests about their sustainable practices and avoid green-washing.

For the first time, attendees of the World Whisky Forum can also take part virtually and will be able to watch the panel discussions and even tour the distillery online.

Jan Groth, founder of the World Whisky Forum, said

„We are delighted to finally host the Forum again, it will be great to get everyone back in the room together – and to include friends all over the world joining us virtually for the first time. Sustainability is crucial to the future of our industry, we’ve got a lot to discuss.“

Full line-up of speakers:

Keynote Speaker: Tommy Rahbek Nielsen, Vestas Wind Systems
Dr Magali Picard, Demptos Cooperage Research
Professor James Brosnan, Scotch Whisky Research Institute
Greg Glass, Whyte & Mackay
Alex Bruce, Ardnamurchan Distillery
Todd Leopold, Leopold Bros. Distillery and Malthouse
Annabel Thomas, Nc’nean Distillery
Bastian Heuser, Spreewood Distillers
Oskar Bruno, Agitator Distillery
Joanna Watchman, Content Coms
Peter Kreiner, Noma
Ryan Chetiyawardana, Mr Lyan

Read more about the World Whisky Forum at and buy tickets at

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