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Fèis Ìle 2021 – Programm für Caol Ila und Lagavulin angekündigt

Für beide Brennereien wird es frei zugängliche virtuelle Veranstaltungen auf Facebook geben - genaue Daten im Artikel

Auch wenn das Fèis Ìle auch 2021 nur virtuell stattfinden kann, muss man nicht auf ein wenig Feierlaune verzichten: Das Programm, das sich die verschiedenen Destillerien ausgedacht haben, ist dicht, interessant und auch von daheim aus zu genießen.

Mit einer Pressemitteilung haben die Brennereien Caol Ila und Lagavulin ihre Aktivitäten vorgestellt, und nach dem englischsprachigen Text haben wir diese stichwortartig für Sie nochmals zusammengefasst. Vorab aber zwei Daten zum Vormerken: Der Lagavulin-Tag fällt auf den 29. Mai, der von Caol Ila auf fen 31. Mai.

Hier zunächst die englischspachige Pressemitteilung:


Islay’s famous festival of music and whisky, Fèis Ìle is back for 2021 with all events being held digitally, bringing those at home up close to some of the best of what Islay has to offer. 

As part of the festival, two of the island’s most famous single malts, Lagavulin and Caol Ila will be hosting live streamed events from the distilleries.

On 29 May, from 7pm  the Lagavulin Distillery warehouse will play host to an evening of performances by Scottish singers, Joy and Andrew Dunlop and the Niall Kirkpatrick Ceilidh Band. Attendees, who can tune in to the virtual event via the Lagavulin Facebook page, will also get an exclusive first look at the highly anticipated festival bottling. The live stream will also feature an adventure on Islay’s surrounding sea, a hike around the island showcasing the breath-taking scenery, and a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of warehouse manager Iain McArthur.

Neil Kirkpatrick at Lagavulin

At Caol Ila on 31 May, starting at 7pm on the Caol Ila Facebook page, a night of whisky and music will take place with Glasgow based actor and musician, Patricia Panther, as guest host. Mairi McGillvary, an Islay born award-winning Gaelic singer will share some of her latest music and Alasdair Currie, a Gaelic singer and piper also based on Islay, will join the line up for a special performance. The evening is complete with a first look at the Caol Ila Fèis Ìle Festival bottling, delicious whisky cocktail recipes and a specially commissioned contemporary composition from singer-songwriter Beldina Odenyo.

Mairi McGillvray at Caol Ila

To tie in with the festival, and as is tradition for Fèis Ìle, Lagavulin and Caol Ila special edition bottlings will be released. Hand-selected by the distillery teams, the festival exclusive bottles will be available at the Lagavulin distillery shop from 29 May and online on from 1 June with a pre-sale for subscribers at 2pm (BST) 31 May.

Each special bottling represents a precious part of its distillery’s rich heritage, offering whisky fans an exciting twist on the core expressions available from Lagavulin and Caol Ila.

Pierrick Guilaume, Lagavulin Distillery Manager said:

“Fèis Ìle is an incredible week for the island each year, allowing us to welcome whisky and music lovers around the globe to the island we’re so proud to call home. While our celebrations at Lagavulin Distillery are slightly different this year, we still have a fabulous line up planned who will treat online guests to some of Scotland’s best music and entertainment, as well as an incredible bottling which will excite fans of Lagavulin and the festival.”

Samuel Hale, Caol Ila Distillery Manager said:

“This will be my first festival as distillery manager of Caol Ila and although we are unable to host the event in Islay, we wanted to continue to honour the occasion with not only a wonderful online event but also by creating a remarkable bottling. We’re sure it’s going to be extremely popular with Caol Ila fans.”

For more information on Lagavulin Distillery and Caol Ila Distillery and their celebrations for the Fèis Ìle festival, visit

Fèis Ìle Festival with Lagavulin Distillery – Free

Saturday May 29, from 7pm, Lagavulin Distillery Facebook Page

Join brand ambassador, Ewan Gunn and Scottish singer Joy Dunlop for an evening of music and whisky. The hosts will guide guests through a virtual adventure on the seas surrounding Islay and a hike around the island’s breath-taking scenery, before unveiling the special festival bottling. They will also be joined by special musical guests, including the Niall Kirkpatrick ceilidh band.

Fèis Ìle Festival with Caol Ila Distillery – Free

Monday May 31 from 7pm, Caol Ila Distillery Facebook Page

Join brand ambassador, Ervin Trykowski and actor, Patricia Panther for a night of whisky and music live from the Caol Ila distillery. They’ll be joined by Islay born Gaelic singer Mairi McGillvray and Alsadair Currie, an Islay-native Gaelic singer and piper. Attendees will also get a first look at the special festival bottling and hear a specially commissioned contemporary composition from Beldina Odenyo.

Hier kurz unser Zusammenfassung zu beiden Brennereien:


Am 29. Mai ab 20 Uhr deutscher Zeit ein Live-Event mit Musik auf der Facebook Seite. Dort wird im Rahmen von Musik das Festival Bottling vorgestellt, und zwar von Brand Ambassador Ewan Gunn und der schottischen Sängerin Joy Dunlop. Das Bottling wird ab 1. Juni zugänglich werden, für Mitglieder ab 31. Mai um 15 Uhr unserer Zeit – und zwar auf

Caol Ila

Am 31. Mau, ebenfalls ab 20 Uhr deutscher Zeit, ist dann Caol Ila an der Reihe. Auch hier gibt es zur Vorstellung des Festival Bottlings ein musikalisches Rahmenprogramm – alles wir live auf der Facebook Seite zu sehen sein. Durch das Programm führen Brand Ambassador Ervin Trykowski und Schauspielerin Patricia Panther.

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