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Jetzt im Bruichladdich-Shop: Octomore Edition X4+10 / Concept_0.2 / 162 PPM

Soeben im Onlineshop von Bruichladdich aufgetaucht - 70% Alkoholstärke, vierfach destilliert - 10 Jahre alt

Wahrscheinlich nicht allzu lange Zeit sollte man sich mit der Bestellung des brandneuen und vierfach destillierten Octomore Edition X4+10 / Concept_0.2 / 162 PPM im Shop von Bruichladdich lassen: Der mit 70(!)% Alkoholstärke abgefüllte neue zehnjährige Octomore ist dort um £150.00 für 500ml zu haben.


Hier kurz die Beschreibung:


A result of pure curiosity, this is the second release of our quadruple distilled Octomore – and at 70% is the highest cask strength whisky we’ve ever produced. Matured in a combination of bourbon, sweet wine, and sherry casks over 10 years, the X4+10 further pushes the boundaries of our super-heavily peated whisky series. Peated to 162ppm. Quadruple Distilled. Bottled at 70%. Limited to 3000 500ml bottles.

Three men, four stills, one fire extinguisher…four distillations. The result of pure curiosity. It shouldn’t have worked, but it did. Recharging the spirit stills an additional two times brought our middle cut to a perilous 89%. A purity of spirit that hadn’t been seen since the 17th Century. No explosions, no fire, no blindness, no stopped hearts, just Octomore.

This one-of-a-kind liquid sits at 70% alcohol, 1% above the strength at which we normally fill our casks. Yet the combination of additional distillation and age has reduced the influence of the peat smoke to one of the most gentle in the history of Octomore.

Und die Tasting Notes:

Colour – Butterscotch.

Nose – Airy and light, banana milkshake, vanilla and tobacco leaf, light praline and coconut. Lemon and grapefruit zest with geranium. With a drop of water, hints of sultana and barley flour come through, then melon and pear with marzipan. Just a whisper of char and even less peat smoke.

Taste – A delicate texture at 70% and a warming sensation crosses the palate, a gentle chilli pepper heat. A hint of char from the wood and resinous sweetness, lemon and honey, and a hint of cloves. A splash of water calms the heat and opens the fruit, mango, melon and marzipan. Tablet, syrup, and vanilla, and, again, the barley flour with ground ginger come through after opening.

Finish – On the finish, there is a little aniseed, a gentle dryness and just the idea of peat smoke. A dry, almost smoked, coconut note fades into a dark fruit, raisin tone. At the very end comes peat smoke, just a little but as ever the power of the Octomore smoke even after four distillations and 10 years cannot be tamed.

Character – Only at Bruichladdich would this be attempted. Quadruple distillation of super heavily peated spirit – discovery of places unknown.

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