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PR: „Chasing Whiskey“ bringt die unerzählte Geschichte von Jack Daniel’s (mit Trailer)

Der Dokumentarfilm wird am 9. April über Streaming-Kanäle uraufgeführt

Der neue Dokumentarfilm „Chasing Whiskey – The Untold Story of Jack Daniel’s“ wird am 9. April auf verschiedenen Streaming-Kanälen uraufgeführt. Der Film von Regisseur Greg Olliver begleitet unter anderem, so die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung, Tim Matheson, Shooter Jennings, Eric Church, John Grisham, Tina Sinatra und weitere auf ihrer mehr als 57.000 Meilen langen Reise durch fünf Länder und 16 Zeitzonen. Der Film wird in den nächsten Formen auf verschiedenen Plattformen erhältlich sein. Eine genaue Auflistung finden Sie in der folgenden Presseaussendung, ebenso wie einen Trailer und das Plakat zum Film:

‘Chasing Whiskey’ Documentary Brings the Untold Story of Jack Daniel’s to Apple TV, Google Play and others – April 2021.

Journey Across the Globe With Director Greg Olliver, Pop Culture Icons and World-Famous Musical Artists To Discover the Heart and History of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

NASHVILLE – March 31, 2021 – The new documentary “Chasing Whiskey – The Untold Story of Jack Daniel’s” premieres across streaming channels on April 9. More than a simple narrative of the origins and impact of Jack Daniel’s, the documentary joins Tim Matheson, Shooter Jennings, Eric Church, John Grisham, Tina Sinatra and more, on a 57,000 mile journey across five countries and 16 time zones that is equal parts thought provoking, insightful, moving and hilarious.

Movie City Films, in association with Evolve Studios, present “Chasing Whiskey” for $9.99 for HD/SD purchase and $4.99 for HD/SD for rental on Video-On-Demand and the film will be available on Apple TV, Google Play, VUDU, Comcast Xfinity, Dish Network and Direct TV in the coming weeks.

“Why is whiskey so intertwined with popular culture, and how did Jack Daniel’s become the most iconic whiskey brand in the world? These are some of the questions we were asking as we began our journey on “Chasing Whiskey”. Fortunately, no matter where we went – from Tennessee to Japan to Cuba to the outback of Australia – and even Scotland – we always found someone who had a compelling, personal story to tell about Jack,” said director Greg Olliver. “With unprecedented access that was given to us by Jack Daniel’s, we uncovered surprising stories that began even before Jackstarted making his own whiskey. We’re proud to present this insightful, whiskey-infused adventure that tells the story of Jack that’s been 150+ years in the making.”

From the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, where every drop of Jack Daniel’s is made, to the outback of Australia, from Beverly Hills to the streets of Havana, Cuba, “Chasing Whiskey” documents a cultural exploration into why a world of people identifies with a distinctly American brand. Through it all, Jack Daniel’s serves as the compass on a journey that offers a unique glimpse into humanity, shared values and differing views, dreams and delusions.

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