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PR: Der erste KI-Whisky gewinnt Gold

Mackmyra Intelligens gewinnt beim Craft Spirits Awards-Wettbewerb des American Distilling Institute Gold und Best of Category

Die schwedische Destillerie Mackmyra freut sich außerordentlich über ihren Erfolg bei den Craft Spirits Awards des American Distilling Institute. Mackmyra Intelligens, der erste „KI-Whisky“, gewinnt Gold und Best of Category. Wir gratulieren Mackmyra ganz herzlich zu diesen Auszeichnungen und teilen mit Ihnen die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung, die wir heute erhielten:

The world´s first whisky created by AI wins gold

Mackmyra Intelligens, the world’s first whisky created using AI (artificial intelligence), has won Gold and Best of Category in the prestigious Craft Spirits Awards Competition organized by the American Distilling Institute.

Together with Microsoft and the Finnish technology consultant Fourkind, Mackmyra has created Mackmyra Intelligens, the world’s first whisky developed using artificial intelligence (AI). Mackmyra Intelligens was presented for the first time in May 2019, at the big tech conference The Next Web in Amsterdam and has since then received a great deal of attention worldwide.

Now Mackmyra Intelligens has been awarded a Gold and has been named Best of Category by the well-regarded Craft Spirits Awards Competition organized by the American Distilling Institute.

“Innovation has always been a key word for us at Mackmyra. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it was we who created the world’s first AI whisky. Now that an incredibly competent jury has awarded it a Gold medal and the Best of Category is great proof that what we are doing is absolutely right,”

says Angela D’Orazio, AI Whisky Mentor and Master Blender, Mackmyra.

“When we started the project, our goal was to push the boundaries of what’s possible with technology but at the same time create something that competes with the world’s best products without any gimmicks. That Intelligens has won Gold in a prestigious competition feels great. This really proves that machines can be used to augment experts in very diverse ways and I’m optimistic about what the future holds.”

says Jarno Kartela, Principal Machine Learning Partner, Fourkind.

“Creating ideas for truly innovative, new products takes time and effort. It’s been a privilege to help augment Mackmyra’s human expertise and craftsmanship with our technology in order to generate differentiated products that retain the spirit, look and feel of their brand.  We believe in a future where the power and speed of AI is paired with the ingenuity of a person or an organization empowered to break new boundaries, while respecting everyone’s right to privacy as well as ethical treatment of data. Congratulations to Mackmyra on leading here.”

Nina Lund, Retail and Consumer Goods Sector Lead, Microsoft EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa)

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