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PR: Glenfiddich x Simon Berger, eine Kombination von Whisky und Kunst, bei Whisky Auctioneer

Die Auktion der fünf Exemplare läuft noch bis zum 5. Oktober

Whisky Auctioneer informiert uns heute über eine besondere Versteigerung, die noch bis zum 5. Oktober läuft. In fünf Losen bietet das Online-Auktionshaus eine Kombination aus Kunst und Whisky an. Fünf individuell handgefertigte Whiskyboxen aus Glas, gefertigt vom renommierten Schweizer Glasmeister Simon Berger, sind gepaart mit Glenfiddichs Grande Couronne, ein 26 Jahre alter Single Malt, der ein Finish in Französischen Cognac-Fässern erhielt. Die ist nicht die erste Kombination von Kunst und dem Whisky von Glenfiddich. Im Juli präsentierte in den Räumlichkeiten der Schlumberger Kellerwelten in Wien Glenfiddich die weltweite digitale Kunstplattform „The Grande Composition“ (wir berichteten). Die Informationen zu den Auktionen von Glenfiddich x Simon Berger wie zum Künstler und seinen Kunstwerken in der Presseaussendung von Whisky Auctioneer:


Global market leader, Whisky Auctioneer, is embracing the connection between artistry and whisky with a one-of-a-kind auction of Simon Berger’s rare glass art pieces. These are exclusively paired with Glenfiddich’s Grande Couronne – a 26 year-old cognac-finished whisky, the most recent addition to the distillery’s Grand Series.

The auction takes place from 24 September to 4 October and sees five individually handcrafted glass whisky boxes expertly crafted by renowned Swiss master glass maker Simon Berger. This auction gives both whisky and art collectors a chance to get their hands on Simon’s distinctive art which involves intricately hammering, lacerating, and cracking glass to create a portrait within.

The expert and delicate craftsmanship of these glass boxes that encase the whisky, explores depth, perception and reflections, resulting in a series of stunning unique portraits skillfully
carved into the glass. With a technique that distinguishes him from other artists, Simon’s portraits transform the regular into something extraordinary, showcasing his pioneering spirit, and making his artwork highly sought after, rare, and collectable.

Simon rose to prominence when his 6ft by 6ft 350lbs glass portrait of Kamala Harris, Vice President of the USA, was exhibited outside the Lincoln Memorial, on the national mall in Washington DC.

Glenfiddich’s collaboration with Simon Berger is fitting, as the distillery has always had an affinity with art and design, evident through their triangular bottle shapes which were a creation by the Modernist artist Hans Schleger – the first of its kind across the spirits industry.

Grande Couronne is the crowning glory of Glenfiddich’s Grand Series, whiskies which celebrate the merging of two worlds coming together.This unique collaboration delves into the colliding forces of art and whisky together with glass portrait pioneer Simon Berger.

Simon Berger said:

“I took my inspiration from the history of Glenfiddich and aligned it with their current values. They always approach things in their very own way, which held huge appeal and resonated with me. I have developed my own art form, my own language to express myself to the world. My voice are portraits, hammered into glass“.

Joe Wilson, Head of Content at Whisky Auctioneer, said:

“Artistry” and “craft” are words ubiquitous in discussion surrounding whisky, but artworks that transcend the liquid itself are rarer, and always incredibly special to work with. We are delighted therefore to have partnered with Glenfiddich to bring to auction this collaboration
with Swiss contemporary artist, Simon Berger. Simon is a truly talented artist, each portrait is a rare piece of artwork, adding an additional element of rarity to this bottle of whisky for collectors. We’re fortunate to be able to offer unique purchases like this at Whisky Auctioneer.”

The auction runs from 24 September to 4 October. To register for the auction, click here.

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