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The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter 5 erschienen

Mit allen Daten zu den fünf Abfüllungen

Das Erscheinen haben wir ja bereits im August angekündigt – nun ist es auch offiziell soweit: The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter 5, das Finale der Serie zu Ehren von David Stewart, dem Malt Master bei The Balvenie, ist erschienen. Es nennt sich „The Malt Master’s Indulgence“ und beschäftigt sich thematisch mit der Freiheit des Malt Masters, nach seinem Wissen und seiner Erfahrung alleine Entscheidungen zu treffen und Fässer auszusuchen. Im Originaltext liest sich das so:

This chapter is a selection of casks that represent David Stewart’s career and his great skill in recognising casks that are destined for greatness.  “I work for a family company and I’m allowed just to hold on to whisky, not always knowing what I’m going to do with it but not forced to bottle it at a saleable age, we just let it mature on.” The casks reflect the many milestone years throughout David’s career – from the year he started at William Grant and Son’s to the year of the launch of the now iconic Balvenie Classic. One of the unusual casks in this chapter is a Fino Sherry Butt – David Stewart explains “it has produced a very different taste sensation from what’s normally expected” – exactly the kind of cask that David feels lucky to be able to keep and nurture until it reveals its special secrets. 

Folgende fünf Abfüllungen finden sich im Kompendium:

1962, Aged 56 years – Cask No. 5575, European oak Oloroso sherry hogshead, filled June 29th, 1962: 42.1% ABV, £32,000

1962 was the year that I started at William Grant and Sons so it was important that this year played its part in the last chapter of the compendium. This cask is a treasure, with plenty of sweetness as well as spice.

NOSE Fragrant fruity and honeyed, ending on a delicate spiciness.

TASTE Rich, velvety with toffee, honeycomb, vanilla, orange peel and ginger.

FINISH Sweet, citrussy and gentle spices

1974, Aged 44 years – Cask No. 17706, Refill American oak barrel, filled December 9th, 1974: 51.3% ABV, £17,000

This was the year that I was promoted to the role of Master Blender responsible for the quality of the Grants Blended Whisky as well as the Glenfiddich and Balvenie single malts.

NOSE Luscious malty notes, honeyed orange peel, vanilla, maple syrup and gentle oak spices.

TASTE Syrupy, with citrus notes – balanced by runny honey and a cinnamon spiciness.

FINISH Syrupy with tangy citrus and creamy vanilla.

1983, Aged 35 years – Cask No. 4483, Refill American oak hogshead, filled September 27th, 1983: 42.0% ABV, £3,500

This was the year that we launched the Balvenie Classic, a Sherry cask finish that I was experimenting with in 1982.

NOSE Malty, brown sugar, vanilla and butterscotch.

TASTE Candied orange and lemon peel, heather honey, and ground ginger.

FINISH Lush and creamy with warming spices.

2001, Aged 18 years – Cask No. 9325, European oak Fino sherry butt, filled April 25th, 2001: 63.5% ABV, £800

Not once since The Balvenie was first released in the early 70’s have we released a Fino Sherry Butt. Happily, there is a first time for everything! It has produced a very different taste sensation from what’s normally expected.

NOSE Gorgeous orchard fruits, stewed plums, and dried apricots.

TASTE Orange and salted caramel, grapefruit, spiced apple and a creamy toffee sweetness.

FINISH Orchard fruits and a creamy malty sweetness.

2002, Aged 16 years – Cask No. 12147, First-fill American oak bourbon barrel, filled September 18th, 2002: 53.9% ABV, £700

This single barrel was the very first barrel filled with the Peated new make spirit back in 2002. We have taken one week every year since then to make a Balvenie peated run of new spirit.

NOSE Sweet peat balances lemon zestiness, with oak vanilla, honey and gentle ginger spiciness.

TASTE Wisps of smoke and chewy toffee, oak vanilla, honey and ginger.

FINISH Delicate peat and a malty citrus sweetness.

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