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The Single Malt Shop stellt 50 Jahre alten Linkwood von Gordon & MacPhail in London vor

Die 166 Flaschen des Whiskys, der in London präsentiert wurde, werden exklusiv durch The Single Malt Shop in Dublin verkauft

Mit 92 Punkten hat Serge Valentin den Linkwood 50yo aus der Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection bei seiner Verkostung vor drei Tagen bewertet – jene Abfüllung, die vor einer Woche in London bei einer exklusiven Veranstaltung unter der Ägide von The Single Malt Shop aus Dublin präsentiert wurde, der die 166 abgefüllten Flaschen exklusiv anbieten kann (Preis in Irland, 7.950 Euro – der Whisky ist auch in unseren Ländern verfügbar)

Zu dieser Veranstaltung und zum außergewöhnlichen Whisky haben wir eine Presseaussendung erhalten, die wir Ihnen hier gerne präsentieren.

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Dublin-based online retailer is celebrating the launch of a notably rare, exclusive single-cask bottling of a classic whisky from the legendary Elgin independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection range. Personally selected by members of the Urquhart family that has owned Gordon & MacPhail for four generations, their private collection whiskies are made up of greatly aged single malt whiskies from celebrated, little known or closed distilleries.

The whisky is a 1971 from the Linkwood Distillery in Scotland, aged for half a century in an American refill hogshead and bottled at 42.4% ABV.

Working with the renowned international publication Whisky Magazine, The Single Malt Shop launched this beautiful spirit at the legendary London restaurant Boisdale of Belgravia on September 15th. Home to superlative Scottish produce and cuisine, this lively hot spot was the perfect destination to host the first public event for The Single Malt Shop and indeed the first tasting of their Linkwood 50 Year Old. Attendees were granted a complimentary invitation by purchasing the first ten bottles as part of an exclusive pre launch offer with Whisky Magazine.

One of the world’s most respected whisky writers Charles Maclean hosted the tasting and shared his tasting notes and thoughts on the Linkwood 50 Year Old from Gordon & MacPhail’s Private Collection.


Linkwood distillery is located close to the Speyside capital of Elgin and was founded by Peter Brown in 1821. The Brown family retained ownership for the rest of the century before selling to Scottish Malt Distillers who in turn eventually handed over the keys to Diageo.

In 1962, Linkwood was largely rebuilt, with Scottish Malt Distillers following its tried and tested method of replacing stills with exact replicas of their predecessors in order to preserve original spirit character. Then, in 1971, an additional production area – Linkwood ‘B’ – was added to the site. In 2012, their older buildings were demolished which makes any whiskey from that location all the more treasured. This particular release from The Single Malt Shop, is such a prized veteran spirit and as Charles MacLean, one of the world’s leading whisky writers notes himself, “Malts distilled before innovations of the 1970s, as this Linkwood 1971 was, open a sensory window on the past – they are themselves liquid history, and as such are hugely emotive. Furthermore, from a collector’s perspective they are so rare they are sometimes described as ‘unicorns’ – gorgeous mythical creatures. A combination of these factors makes such malts highly desirable to connoisseurs, collectors and investors.”

It is no wonder then, that he scored this incredibly precious liquid an extremely high 94 out of 100.

We can thank the independent bottlers Gordon & MacPhail for sourcing and laying down this remarkable single malt over 50 years ago.


Age: 50 years from a single cask. Distilled in 1971.

Bottles produced: 166 exclusively for the The Single Malt Shop

ABV: 42.4%

Style: Single Malt

Region: Speyside

Bottling type: Independent

Availability: Exclusively online from September 15th.

Country of origin: Scotland

Price: €7,950 rrp for Ireland. Prices will vary according to local taxes and duties in destination countries.


Nose: The top notes are of oil scented with bergamot, becoming scented hand cream; backed by tablet toffee and Parma violet sweets, with a hint of black tea leaves in a tea caddie.

Palate: A big, soft, mouth-filling texture and a sweet, mid-palate taste, with just a hint of white pepper in the long finish and a return of the Parma violets in the aftertaste.

Finish: Very easy to drink at natural strength, but equally good when reduced – now exhibiting an intriguing sour note, with more warmth in the finish.

Comment: This is a gorgeous old whisky with all the complexity that only advanced age in a good cask. A haughty dowager duchess of a whisky – noble and impeccable – or maybe an elderly but very well-preserved French film star. Charles’s score: 94/100


The Single Malt Shop is based in Dublin and owned and operated by The Single Malt Fund, the world’s first publicly listed Alternative Investment Fund for whisky. Listed on the Nordic Growth Market in Sweden, The Single Malt Fund is fully regulated, offering investors a safe way to invest in the Water of Life. We invest in rare and limited edition whiskies from all over the world and make these available for sale via The Single Malt Shop.

The idea for The Single Malt Fund came about on a trip with friends to Islay, on a cold and wet January weekend. Over a dram or two, our founders thought it would be a good idea for whisky enthusiasts around the world to be able to invest in their favourite precious liquid. At the same time, they wanted to allow investors and the general public alike to purchase any stocks that we source, on an on-going basis. So, The Single Malt Fund and The Single Malt Shop were born. As whisky fans ourselves, we are delighted to be a new player in the industry and look forward to playing a small role in promoting the liquid that we all love.

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