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Caol Ila veröffentlicht Four Corners of Scotland-Abfüllung (mit Bildern des neuen Besucherzentrums)

Ebenfalls im Artikel: Eine 26 Seiten starke PDF-Broschüre über Caol Ila, auch zum Download

Zur Feier der Neueröffnung des um- und ausgebauten Besucherzentrums veröffentlicht Caol Ila eine neue Abfüllung in der Four Corners of Scotland-Serie: ein 14 Jahre alter Whisky aus American Oak refill casks und frisch ausgekohlten American Oak Casks.

Alles Wissenswerte dazu, und einige Bilder aus dem neuen Besucherzentrum, nachfolgend. Zudem dürfen wir Ihnen nach den Bildern noch eine PDF-Broschüre mit 26 Seiten über die neue Destillerie präsentieren, die Sie auch herunterladen können:

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Islay distillery, Caol Ila, whose name is the Gaelic for ‘The Sound of Islay’ is proud to release a limited-edition expression to celebrate the opening of its brand-new visitor experience.

Caol Ila is the fourth and final distillery to undergo a major transformation as part of Diageo’s £185 million investment into its Scotch whisky visitor experiences in Scotland. As one of the Four Corners distilleries, it’s Caol Ila’s signature smoky smoothness that can be found in every bottle of Johnnie Walker, as it continues to play a crucial role in the whisky’s blend.

The Caol Ila distillery exclusive is a beautiful celebration of the distillery’s character, exclusively matured for 14 years in American Oak refill casks and freshly charred American Oak casks. With additional spicy, creamy and sweet notes coming through from the recharred casks, this cask-strength whisky expands on all the expected characters found in Caol Ila, with bonfire aromas and a crisp taste, turning sweetness into salt to deliver a charred smoke finish.

Caol Ila 14 Year Old Single Malt Scotch whisky is available to purchase now at the distillery and via Priced at RRP £150 per 70cl, is bottled at 53% ABV and just 3000 bottles are available.


“An interesting Caol Ila, starting gently then quickly blossoming into full distillery character.”

In a sentence: This delicious Caol Ila expands on all the expected characters; coal-tar and bonfire aromas, a firm, crisp taste, sweetness turning to salt, and a pleasing finish with charred smoke.

Appearance: Bright 18 carat gold. Exceptional beading.

Nose: Mellow in feel, with light prickle. Clean and fresh throughout, with vaguely medicinal notes and the faint smokiness of an extinguished beach-bonfire always there behind them. The first impression is mildly medicinal, as with the aroma of an antiseptic cream. An elusive pastry note lies beneath on a base of freshly laundered linen. The medicinal notes increase in the development, then subside with water, which brings out a note of damp wool, like a freshly washed jumper.

Body: Medium.

Palate: A smooth texture and a sweet start; clean, noticeably smoky and leaving a trail as clear as a lit gunpowder fuse. A shake of salt for balance. The taste becomes sweeter with a splash of water, no more, when there is also light acidity and more salt. Surprisingly mild, compared to the taste at natural strength. And delicious.

Finish: Long and pleasantly hot, while a last lightly charred, spicy note lingers in the aftertaste. With water, the heat subsides, and the spiciness lingers.

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