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PR: Neu von Douglas Laing – Old Particular Spiritualist Harmony Edition

Der Single Grain aus Cameronbridge wird auch in Deutschland erhältlich sein - er reifte 28 Jahre lang in einem Sherryfass

Aus Glasgow, von Douglas Laing, erreicht uns die Nachricht von einer interessanten Neuheit aus der Old Particular-Serie, genauer gesagt aus der dreiteiligen Spiritualist Single Cask Series: man hat heute als zweite Abfüllung der Serie den Old Particular Spiritualist Harmony Edition angekündigt.

Der fassstarke (52,6% vol.) Single Grain aus der Destillerie Cameronbridge ist 28 Jahre alt und reifte in einem Sherry Butt. In UK wird die Abfüllung ca. 90 Pfund, also umgerechnet rund um die 100 Euro kosten. Der Single Grain wird natürlich auch in Deutschland erhältlich sein.

Hier die englischsprachigen Infos von Douglas Laing:

Douglas Laing Unveils Old Particular “Harmony” as part of The Spiritualist Single Cask Series

Leading independent bottler, Douglas Laing & Co, today reveals their “Harmony” Single Cask Single Grain, the second release of their Old Particular “Spiritualist” Series trilogy for 2020.

Ein 28 Jahre alter Single Grain aus Cameronbridge

The Spiritualist Series has taken inspiration from the “mindfulness” phenomenon and encourages Whisky enthusiasts to take some time out from the bustle of their daily lives and enjoy a moment of harmonious calm. Having launched the Series with “Balance”, an Islay Single Cask Single Malt, this second release, “Harmony”, is described as “an uplifting Single Cask Single Grain” with a “vanilla’d oak style” coupled with “sweet hard candy, warming allspice and rich cocoa”.

For 28 years, the Whisky has been matured in a single Sherry butt and has been bottled at a punchy natural cask strength of 52.6%.

Cara Laing, Douglas Laing’s Director of Whisky said:

“I love Single Grain so thoroughly enjoyed trying numerous samples for this latest release of our Spiritualist Series. I kept returning to this particular cask as we felt it was indeed a perfect harmony of oak and spirit character. After 28 years in a Sherry butt, you could expect the oak cask to dominate in terms of flavour, but the wood, time and the spirit have interacted harmoniously resulting in layers of flavours that come together beautifully.”

Old Particular “Harmony”, a single Sherry Butt bottling, is offered without colouring or chill-filtration and is expected to retail at £89.99.

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