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PR: Neu von Douglas Laing: The Epicurean Rivesaltes Wine Finished Single Cask Bottling

Ende August wird diese Einzelfassabfüllung auch in Deutschland zu finden sein

Eine interessante Neuheit kündigt der unabhängige Abfüller Douglas Laing heute an: der The Epicurean Rivesaltes Wine Finished Single Cask Bottling ist die dritte Ausgabe des Lowland Blended Malts. 60 Pfund wird er im Fachhandel im Vereinigten Königreich kosten, Von den 546 Flaschen, die übrigens mit 48% vol abgefüllt wurden, finden auch einige Ende August nach Deutschland (zum UVP von ca. 65 Euro) – ein wenig Vorfreude müssen und dürfen wir also bis dahin noch haben.

Hier jedenfalls die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung:

The Epicurean Launches Its 3rd “Wood Series” Single Cask Bottling

Douglas Laing & Co has today released a Rivesaltes Wine Finished Lowland Malt Scotch Whisky as part of The Epicurean Wood Series.

The Epicurean’s latest specialist Single Cask release is bottled at a high alcohol strength of 48%, and offered without chill-filtration. The 100% natural bright gold colour of the spirit is imparted by the Rivesaltes-seasoned Single Cask used for maturing the award-winning Lowland Malt. With this innovative series, The Epicurean seeks to demonstrate that flavour is created throughout the Whisky-making process but most significantly during the interaction between the spirit when it is in oak casks.

The Epicurean Malt was first matured in premium American Oak wood barrels before being re-racked into hand-selected Rivesaltes Single Casks for a second maturation period of more than twelve months. The result is a full-bodied Malt with layers of complexity and character.

The Rivesaltes Wine casks hail from the town Rivesaltes in the south-west corner of the Languedoc-Roussillon wine region of France.

Chris Leggat, Managing Director, who selected the Rivesaltes casks used said: “The Epicurean brand is growing well – its spirit quality coupled with its versatile style is increasingly recognised but from time to time, we like to experiment and innovate with this Malt as it lends itself so well to cask finishes. The cask and the Whisky add their own unique personalities and with this Rivesaltes finish, the outcome is a balanced marriage of cask and spirit character – we are delighted with the result.”

With only two Single Casks of this specialist Malt released, the spirit is said to have a sweet, honeyed style showing sugared cereal, milk chocolate, hazelnuts and crystallised citrus fruits.

Packed in a premium gift tube, The Epicurean Rivesaltes Finish Limited Edition is expected to retail at £59.99

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