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Prima & Ultima, Diageo’s Serie seltener und sammelbarer Malts, geht in die dritte Auflage

Die acht Flaschen werden nur als Gesamtset verkauft - Registrierung als Interessent läuft vom 6. bis 30. Juni - mit Video

Wie uns Diageo UK soeben mitteilt, kann man sich ab sofort für die kommende dritte Ausgabe der Prima & Ultima Serie registrieren, um damit die Chance auf den Kauf eines der seltenen Abfüllungssets zu erhalten – die auch in diesem Jahr wieder aus acht Whiskys bestehen:

  • Port Ellen 1980
  • Talisker 1984
  • Lagavulin 1993
  • The Singleton of Glen Ord 1987
  • Brora 1981
  • Mannochmore 1990
  • Cragganmore 1973 und
  • Royal Lochnagar 1981

Das Set gibt es nur komplett, insgesamt wurden 317 davon aufgelegt – und der Kaufpreis orientiert sich an der Seltenheit der Whiskys. Er ist dieses Jahr mit 36.500 Pfund festgelegt.

Details zu dieser dritten Auflage samt einem Video darüber können wir Ihnen nachstehend präsentieren:

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The registration is now open for the third iteration of Prima & Ultima, the series of exquisite and incredibly rare Single Malt Scotch Whiskies from Diageo. Hand-selected from some of the finest distilleries in Scotland, including Brora, Port Ellen and The Singleton, Prima & Ultima holds the key to growing a collection of highly limited vintage Single Malt Whiskies, prized by collectors and whisky aficionados across the world.

Bottlings within the Prima & Ultima series are drawn from casks: the first or last of their kind. Each release of Prima & Ultima is carefully curated by one of Diageo’s Master Blenders. This year, Dr Craig Wilson has hand-selected eight unique and personal bottlings for the collection. With his heightened knowledge of Diageo’s exceptional Single Malts, this third release is a curation of mature whiskies that beckon a flavour and history rarely encountered, each spirit he has personally marked as outstanding.

Dr Craig’s experience spans more than 13 years, but more recently he has played a fundamental role in the restoration of the Brora spirit and overseeing new releases from Port Ellen. His expertise in nurturing and restoring the rare spirits from two of Diageo’s most magnificent whiskies has led him to develop an unparalleled knowledge of the distilleries and their casks. As a celebration of his work, Dr Craig has selected an incredibly rare bottling from both Brora and Port Ellen to feature in this release, a first for Prima & Ultima.

Also, for the first time, this release offers the opportunity to discover a Single Malt that is both ‘a first’ and ‘a last’, the first The Singleton of Glen Ord 1987 vintage and the only one ever to be released from the last casks that remain. It also includes debut appearances to the Prima & Ultima collection from Royal Lochnagar, a 1981 bottling part of a pioneering experiment at the distillery and a uniquely matured, unusually dark Mannochmore 1990.

Dr Craig takes up the mantle from its two previous curators, Maureen Robinson and Dr Jim Beveridge OBE, both individuals highly respected within the industry with just under 90 years of experience between them. With Dr Craig’s selected bottlings in this third release, the whole Prima & Ultima Collection expands to twenty-four bottles – a beautiful presentation of Single Malts for the world’s growing number of discerning whisky connoisseurs.

Dr Craig said:

“It is my honour to present the third release of Prima & Ultima, a collection of our rarest, most precious Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. I have personally selected each whisky with great care, each an exceptional spirit marking a special time in the distilleries’ history and whiskies that I’ve had the privilege to watch mature. I have also selected whiskies from Brora and Port Ellen. In the year we celebrate the Queen’s Platinum jubilee, I have selected the last ever Port Ellen 1980 cask, filled in the year Her Majesty visited the distillery’s maltings. The Brora bottling is equally as precious, taken from our last ever 1981 cask, making it one of our rarest Brora whiskies of all time.”

Celebrating the defining moments of a lifetime, the third release draws on the theme of ‘A Moment in Time’ and the natural preservation phenomenon of fossils and specimens, allowing us to uncover what was before. To mark this connection, each whisky selected by Dr Craig has been allocated a precious artefact, reflecting the whisky’s story, and is displayed within the accompanying set of 20ml samples provided with each full set.

Only 317 full sets of the Prima & Ultima Third Release are available for purchase, directly through appointed Prima & Ultima agents. The recommended retail selling price for the third release of Prima & Ultima is GBP36,500 (including tax and duty) in the UK. An online registration page is now open until 30th June at www.theprimaandultimacollection.com. for whisky collectors across the globe to register their interest.

Coinciding with this release comes an extraordinary opportunity for collectors across the world to bid on two ultra-rare casks of Brora and Port Ellen which are being sold at auction between Monday 30th May – Tuesday 14th June 2022 in London, United Kingdom. The auction offers up two never to be seen again casks from Diageo’s Casks of Distinction programme, in which Diageo offers exclusive access to purchase individual casks of rare and exceptional Single Malt Scotch Whisky from its unrivalled stocks. Each cask up for auction comes with a bespoke piece of artwork related to the cask and its distillery of origin, from a globally renowned artist. For more information, visit sothebys.com/en.

The Third Release of Prima & Ultima:

All of the Single Malt Scotch Whiskies included are natural cask strength, non-chill filtered, with no colour added:

Royal Lochnagar 1981

40-Year-Old | 52.5% ABV

Bottled: 06.12.21 | Refill casks, refill American Oak Hogsheads

Number Bottled: 1,047 | Balmoral, Royal Deeside

A tiny batch of Royal Lochnagar, part of a pioneering experiment to gain the angels’ share, the whisky lost from the cask by evaporation. When the experiment ended, a small amount of liquid was transferred into the present casks, to slumber peacefully until its fifth decade. This is a graceful, mature whisky of great freshness and vitality with aromas of honeysuckle, rose and bramble, leading to a smooth creamy mouthfeel.

Cragganmore 1973

48-Year-Old | 44.8% ABV

Bottled: 06.12.21 | 3 refill American Oak Hogsheads

Number Bottled: 351 | Ballindalloch, Speyside

With complex aromas that include almond oil, this Cragganmore comes from the oldest casks we have, filled soon after the coal-heated stills turned to steam. This milestone in distilling gave birth to a new age in which craft and vision could walk hand in hand. A pathfinder for the smooth whiskies of the modern-day, the nose is more complex than usual with a palate that is sweet but pleasantly tart.

Mannochmore 1990

31-Year-Old | 45.1% ABV

Bottled: 06.12.21 | Refill cask, untreated virgin European Oak

Number Bottled: 317 | Glenlossie, Speyside

A very special Mannochmore sourced from a single small experimental batch exposed to a highly unusual maturation. First housed in refill casks, then in unusual, highly active virgin European Oak for almost three decades has revealed a whole new character. The pale and youthful whisky has evolved into a dark and intriguing spirit, lean and smooth in texture. The powerful taste of striking dark orange marmalade is cut with drying wood spice before spiralling into endless layers of deep bitterness.

Brora 1981

40-Year-Old | 44.1% ABV

Bottled: 09.12.21 | 1 refill American Oak Hogshead, 1 European Oak Sherry Butt

Number Bottled: 354 | Brora, Highlands

Much of the Brora we know today is heavily peated, the American Oak hogshead and European Oak Sherry butt selected here show us a different side of the Brora story. Filled at a time when less whisky was being made, it was often less peaty allowing new aromas and tastes to shine through. Fragrant notes of scented candlewax dance with smoke and moorland flowers, leading to a smooth waxy texture that is sweet and lightly smoky. The last release of 1981 Brora, this may well be the rarest publically available Brora of all.                                                        

The Singleton of Glen Ord 1987

34 Years-Old | 49.4% ABV

Bottled: 10.12.21 | 5 refill American Oak Hogsheads

Number Bottled: 1,047 | Glen Ord, Highlands

A first, and last, this is the first 1987 The Singleton of Glen Ord vintage and the only one ever to be released, from the last casks that remain. Slow crafting and patience were key to this rare bottling, taking time to distil the liquid and see each cask reach its peak. The result is an elegant liquid with a fragrant nose and creamy-smooth texture. The sweetly satisfying taste holds deep fruity flavours with hints of ginger.

Lagavulin 1993

28-Years-Old | 50.1% ABV

Bottled: 08.12.21 | 1 Pedro Ximenez/Oloroso seasoned butt, 1 refill American Oak Hogsheads

Number Bottled: 642 | Port Ellen, Isle of Islay

A prized Lagavulin, from the last two 1993 casks, filled in the year the distillery won the first of an avalanche of international awards. It was the start of a golden era, a success that owed much to an Islay legend, Manager Grant Carmichael. A Lagavulin at its mature peak with redcurrant fruitness on the nose, soon overcome by the maritime scents of sea salt and sweet seaweed. Lightly oily, the smooth texture delivers a long mellow finish, a gloriously rich and rounded whisky.

Talisker 1984

37-Years-Old | 51.9% ABV

Bottled: 07.12.21 | 3 refill American Oak Hogsheads, 1 ex-Sherry European Oak Butt

Number Bottled: 968 | Carbost, Isle of Skye

Taken from the very last 1984 casks from Talisker, set aside and guarded for decades for their promising potential. At the time few knew of Talisker’s tempestuous maritime character, but there was something special about these 1984 casks that made the distiller set them aside. The nose gives immediate light smoky notes, joined by fine sand and seaweed drying on a hot day. The lightly oily texture is sweet and rich to start, with thunder rolling in shortly after, leaving a mighty peppery kick. It is Skye in all its elemental glory.

Port Ellen 1980

41-Year-Old | 59.6% ABV

Bottled: 07.12.21 | 1 refill American Oak Hogshead, 1 ex-Sherry European Oak Butt

Number Bottled: 555 | Port Ellen, Isle of Islay

This prized piece of history is the oldest Port Ellen ever to be released, filled in the year the Queen visited the Port Ellen maltings. It comes from the two very last casks of 1980 which lived all their days on Islay. This whisky of majestic quality is rich and smooth with notes of brine and dry seaweed on the nose. This very special Port Ellen is a perfect balance of sweet, salty, and smoky, with a long, lightly peaty finish.

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