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Talisker und Parley for the Oceans: Ross Edgley mit Weltrekordversuch im Loch Ness

Der Langstreckenschwimmer will fünf Bahnen im Loch Ness schwimmen und so einen Weltrekord brechen

Im Rahmen der Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Destillerie Talisker und Parley for the Oceans startet der Langstreckenschwimmer und leidenschaftliche Umweltschützer Ross Edgley im September einen Weltrekordversuch. Edgley wird sich der Herausforderung des längsten Freiwasserschwimmens in einem gezeitenlosen Gewässer – mindestens 48 Stunden ununterbrochen – stellen. Dazu will er fünf Bahnen im berühmten schottischen Gewässer Loch Ness schwimmen, das kühle 10 Grad Celsius haben wird.

Wie Ross Edgley sich auf diesen Weltrekordversuch vorbereitet hat, wie und wo Sie sein Vorhaben verfolgen können sowie alles zur Partnerschaft von Talisker und Parley for the Oceans können Sie der nachfolgenden englischsprachigen Pressemitteilung entnehmen, die wir von der Brennerei über ihre Agentur erhalten haben:

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Edgley will take on the challenge of the longest ever tideless open-water swim – at least 48 hours non stop – to raise awareness for the latest Talisker x Parley project to protect Scottish Waters

31st August, 2022 – This September, long-distance swimmer and passionate environmentalist Ross Edgley will undertake a world-record-breaking swim in the wild waters of Scotland to raise awareness of Talisker’s latest project with partners in ocean preservation, Parley for the Oceans. The project sets out to support the protection of Scottish seas.

Talisker and Parley are unified in their shared love of the oceans and the latest project in Scotland, the home of Talisker, sets out to protect the magical world beneath the surface of Scotland’s waves by supporting scientific research that aims to better understand kelp forests’ role in ocean carbon sinks and the value they play in the biodiversity of Scotland’s fragile and beautiful marine ecosystems. The findings will help to showcase how essential these underwater forests in Scotland and around the world are, to encourage greater levels of protection. This is a new project, alongside their joint mission to support the preservation of 100 million sqm of marine ecosystems around the world by 2023.

The non-stop swim, which could take up to 72 hours, is a never-before attempted five lengths of iconic body of Scottish water, Loch Ness, which will be a cool 10 degrees Celsius. To prepare for the epic challenge ahead, Edgley has spent the last few months training for up to 12 hours a day, including swimming 100km in the waters around the Isle of Skye, the equivalent of swimming 3 times across the English Channel. During preparation Edgley has also been eating 10,000 calories a day to fuel his training and gain 10kg, to help his body stay insulated from the cold during the longest ever swim of Loch Ness aimed at over 160km.

Long-distance swimmer and environmentalist Ross Edgley said,

„Im excited to continue being part of this great initiative between Talisker & Parley For The Oceans and to do what I can to help raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the sea forests beneath the oceans across the world. During preparation for this challenge I’ve spent many hours in the water, including time up at the Talisker distillery training in Loch Harport preparing myself mentally and physically for the challenge ahead. What makes this swim for the sea different is the purpose behind it, the inspiration to get out into nature to raise awareness of protecting and preserving it for the future.’’

Cyrill Gutsch, Founder & CEO, Parley for the Oceans, added,

„Sea forests are the planet’s underwater architects, a powerful blue carbon force within the ecosystem that are crucially important for planetary health. They support biodiversity and sequester and store carbon dioxide, of which a percentage is stored in the seabed. The collective research by our scientific partners will provide vital evidence to support this process and to ensure kelp forests and their carbon sinks are protected in Scotland and around the world, to help us in the fight against climate change.’’

Talisker’s connection with the ocean goes back hundreds of years starting when founders, the MacAskill brothers, stepped onto the shores to set up the first distillery on the Isle of Skye. Talisker Scotch Whisky is very much a product of its coastal home and the ocean that surrounds it, both of which have created and shaped the signature maritime and briny notes that can be tasted in its whisky today.

Follow Ross’s journey to the world record attempt on @Talisker and @RossEdgley

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