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Kilchoman Fèis Ìle 2020 Online Release – neuer Versuch am Donnerstag um 15 Uhr

Nach dem Zusammenbruch des Servers am Dienstag wird morgen am Nachmittag ein neuer ANlauf genommen

Die Islay-Brennerei Kilchoman hat sich soeben mit einer neuen Info zum zweiten Versuch des Online-Verkaufes ihres Kilchoman Fèis Ìle 2020 gemeldet. Morgen, Donnerstag, um 15 Uhr unserer Zeit startet der neue Anlauf:

You may be aware that due to the high volumes of traffic on our website we were forced to postpone yesterday’s launch of our Fèis Ìle release and tasting packs. We have been working hard to find a solution and have now created a temporary shop, this is separate to our website and will host the sale of our Fèis Ìle items. This page is now up and running however you will not be able to purchase products until tomorrow at 2pm (Thursday 14th, 2pm UK Time).

We understand the frustrations of those who were inconvenienced yesterday and sincerely apologise for any trouble this may have caused. On a positive note, all the bottles and packs are still sat in Glasgow waiting to be sent and we are nervously confident that the new one-page site will be able to handle the levels of traffic – fingers crossed. See further info below.  

Die Kilchoman Feis Ile 2020 Release ist ein zwölf Jahre alter Whisky aus 11 verschiedenen Bourbon-Fässern, 5 aus dem Jahr 2007 und 6 von 2008. Insgesamt werden 2630 Flaschen verkauft, abgefüllt mit 54,2% vol. Kostenpunkt 108 Pfund pro Flasche, es werden maximal zwei Flaschen pro Person abgegeben.

Zum Geschmack schreibt Anthony Wills:

“This is what I imagined Kilchoman matured 100% in first fill bourbon barrels would taste like once it had reached maturity. The interaction between the whisky and wood is coming to the fore and vanilla, butterscotch and caramel notes are intermingled with the distillery top notes of lemon, citrus and salty peatiness.” Anthony Wills, Founder & MD

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