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PR: BenRiach und The Glendronach starten Online Conversation Serie auf Instagram

9. 4. und 15. 4. - Rachel Barrie und Stewart Buchanan stellen in Live Events auf Instagram die Whiskys der Brennereien vor

Die Online-Angebote der diversesten Whiskymarken werden zahlreicher und zahlreicher. Heute um 21 Uhr unserer Zeit startet BenRiach die Online Conversation Serie auf Instagram, am 15. April zur selben Zeit geht es dann mit The Glendronach weiter. Die BenRiach Session wird von Global Brand Ambassador Stewart Buchanan geleitet, für The GlenDronach steigen Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie und Stewart Buchanan dann am 15. April in den Ring.

Weitere Infos finden Sie in der nachfolgenden englischsprachigen Presseaussendung, die Termine tragen wir natürlich in unseren Eventkalender ein (in dem sie schon weitere Online-Events finden können):


The masters behind BenRiach and The GlenDronach are inviting whisky fans worldwide to embrace their extra time at home with an online conversation series exploring the many possibilities of Single Malt whisky.

Both whisky connoisseurs and the whisky curious are invited to join each conversation via @BenRiach and ​@GlenDronach on Instagram Live, with the option to ask questions in advance.

Exploring Flavour with BenRiach

Today (Wednesday 8 April) at 8pm (BST) on Instagram Live, the BenRiach conversation series will begin by taking viewers on a rich journey into the art of distillation, exploring how this impacts the flavour possibilities of this unconventional Speyside Single Malt whisky.

Bringing BenRiach’s three distinct styles of classic, peated and triple distilled spirit to life, the discussion will be hosted by Keeper of the Quaich and Global Brand Ambassador Stewart Buchanan who helped bring the distillery back into production in 2004, with Head of Advocacy, Douglas Cook, who is responsible for introducing BenRiach’s flavour palette to countries across the world, sharing the distillery’s rich heritage in the process.

‘Coorie in’ with The GlenDronach: Master the art of fine Single Malt at home.

For those who like to slow down and fully appreciate their whisky in comfort, The GlenDronach will host its first Instagram Live conversation on Wednesday 15 April at 8pm (BST), inviting whisky connoisseurs to embrace the traditional Scottish notion of ‘coorie’ whilst savouring its characterful and richly sherried Highland Single Malt.

‘Coorie’ is a traditional Scottish word, meaning to cosy and snuggle in. The concept encourages the appreciation of one’s surroundings, finding contentment in simple pleasures and leading a quieter existence.

Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie and Stewart Buchanan will discuss the artistry of traditional whisky making at the Highland distillery and how they like to ‘coorie in’ with The GlenDronach at home, encouraging viewers to develop both their flavour palate and Single Malt expertise. Viewers will be able to send questions to Rachel in advance via @GlenDronach​, with a rare opportunity to learn more about her role as a Master Blender with over 27 years’ experience in crafting fine Single Malts.

The GlenDronach and BenRiach Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie said:

“One of the most special things about whisky is its ability to bring people together through a shared passion and interest in its stories. This is why we are inviting whisky lovers to make the most of this time at home to learn something new whilst staying safe.

Whether it’s embracing the notion of ‘coorie’, or learning about the art of exploring flavour in Single Malt, we hope that people enjoy tuning in to join us for a dram.”

The GlenDronach and BenRiach Global Brand Ambassador, Stewart Buchanan added:

“My job is to travel the globe, sharing the stories of Benriach and GlenDronach. Now that I am grounded so to speak, it’s great to be able to use this time to delve deeper into our whiskies from the comfort of my own home in Speyside, passing on knowledge and encouraging conversation.”

To take part in the first episodes of the live conversation series, tune in on @BenRiach​ on Instagram at 8pm (BST) today and on ​@GlenDronach​ on Wednesday 15 April at 8pm (BST).

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