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Douglas Laing gestaltet Premier Barrel Range neu – 4 neue Abfüllungen

Zum Start des Rebrandings gibt es vier neue Abfüllungen

Bei Douglas Laing wird ein Klassiker, die Premier Barrel Range, neu gestaltet. Die Keramikdekanter bekommen eine neue Umverpackung und ein neues Label mit launigen, gereimten Tasting Notes. Durch eine Farbkodierung will man den Whiskyregionen im Auftritt mehr Gewicht geben. Die Einzelfassabfüllungen kommen alle mit 46% Alkohol in die Flasche.

Starten wird der neue Auftritt mit vier Abfüllungen aus den Destillerien Glen Garioch (£60), Craigellachie (£65), Dailuaine (£62) und Bunnahabhain (£70).

Die Abfüllungen werden noch im November erhältlich sein.

Weitere Details können Sie der untenstehenden Pressemitteilung entnehmen:

Douglas Laing Announces the Rebrand of Premier Barrel Single Casks Range

Douglas Laing today unveils the new packaging for its Premier Barrel Single Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky range.

The new Premier Barrel branding sees the original premium ceramic decanter don a new hand-drawn label on parchment paper featuring eccentric yet romantic rhyming tasting notes. In addition, regional colour differentiation is a key theme of the pack, as the Scottish region in which the Whiskies are distilled has a significant impact on the character of the spirit, and so, the label colourways should be telling as to what to expect from the particular bottling.

With rich, bold colours and a wooden gift box reminiscent of an ancient book, the updated packaging aims to modernise Premier Barrel whilst honouring its traditional and artisanal charm.

In keeping with the eccentric Victorian style used for the decanter’s label and individually written tasting notes, Douglas Laing’s current considerably canny yet charming custodian, crusader and Company Chairman of calibre, Fred Laing comments pithily: “Probably perspicacious, provident, prodigiously provisioned proprietors, purveyors (preferably also purchasers) of panache will be palpably pleased by our provisioning of this particularly palatable pedigreed Premier Barrel.”

Premier Barrel was launched in 2008 and is now part of Douglas Laing’s “Exceptional Single Casks” – a collection of Single Cask Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies from a vast range of Scotland’s Distilleries under the brands of Provenance, Old Particular and Xtra Old Particular. Premier Barrel will offer a new and unique proposition within the Exceptional Single Cask range with its distinctly different brand personality and packaging.

New-look Premier Barrel launches with 4 new bottlings, each bottled at 46% alcohol strength, including:

  • Craigellachie 10 Years Old – RSP £65
  • Glen Garioch 8 Years Old – RSP £60
  • A 100% sherry matured Dailuaine 10 Years Old – RSP £62
  • Bunnahabhain 10 Years Old – RSP £70

Premier Barrel in its new livery will be available from specialist Scotch Whisky retailers across the UK, Europe and Asia from November 2018.

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