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PR: SMWS lädt zu ihrem jährlichen September Gathering mit einer Reihe von Veranstaltungen in Großbritannien ein

The Gathering 2021 startet am Freitag, 4. September im The Vaults und endet mit einer virtuellen Verkostung am Donnerstag, 30. September

Die Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) lädt auch in diesem Jahr wieder zu ihrem September Gathering ein. Den ganzen Monat über veranstaltet die Society eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen für Mitglieder und Nichtmitglieder an jedem ihrer vier britischen Standorte; Glasgow, London, Edinburgh Queen Street und The Vaults, Leith. The Gathering 2021 startet am Freitag, 4. September im The Vaults und endet mit einer virtuellen Verkostung am Donnerstag, 30. September.
Die englischsprachige Pressemitteilung, die wir erhielten, verrät Ihnen alle weiteren Details:


The world’s most entertaining whisky club honours its members in style with events and tastings across the UK for their annual September Gathering.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) celebrates its annual September Gathering by showcasing a range of whisky tasting events across its signature UK venues.

Throughout the month the Society is hosting a series of events for members and non-members, with one exciting activation every weekend across each of their four UK locations; Glasgow, London, Edinburgh Queen Street, and The Vaults, Leith.

The Gathering 2021 launches at The Vaults on Friday, 4 September and ends with a virtual tasting on Thursday, 30 September.

As part of the Gathering, the Society has partnered with Linn Products, creators of some of the world’s finest music systems.

Founded in Glasgow in 1973, Linn goes to extremes to pursue musical perfection and designs and manufactures premium music systems that bring consumers closer to the music that they love.

The partnership will feature Linn Lounges at Society’s London and Glasgow venues, offering both members and non-members the opportunity to taste whisky whilst enjoying music from some of the worlds most decorated bands.

Other key events in this year’s programme include The Gathering’s take over at Glasgow’s WEST Brewery, which includes a three-course dinner and a five-dram tasting event hosted by Master Ambassador, John McCheyne and, a spectacular festival of whisky in Edinburgh’s Queen Street Gardens, featuring dram bars, culinary delights from local producers and a live DJ performance from long-standing BBC radio presenter, Vic Galloway.

Helen Stewart, Head of Marketing and Membership at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, said:

“For this year’s Gathering we have taken advantage of our four stunning Members’ Rooms to celebrate the love of whisky with our members.

“The 2021 Gathering line-up features a wealth of exciting events, which encourages our members to share their passion for whisky and offers the chance for new guests to explore the Society’s flavour profiles and what our Members’ Rooms have to offer.

“From a colourful festival of music and whisky to dram tastings and Society suppers, each occasion is incredibly unique and this year we look forward to welcoming our members and their guests to this annual celebration of our whisky community.”

For members ‘afar’ there will also be an immersive programme of home entertainment and virtual tastings, to bring ‘the spirit of The Vaults’ to members, no matter where they are.

Joe Rodger, Linn International Brand Manager, added:

“The parallels between good whisky and good music run more than skin deep. Music is the soundtrack to the best times of our lives, and when it’s done right, we savour the difference.

“We are both proud and excited to be partnering with the SMWS. The meticulous focus on quality and provenance of Scotch whisky aligns beautifully with our own mission; we know our music systems are in good company, alongside whisky, as Scotland’s finest exports.”

For details on all the events and to buy tickets, visit:

September Gathering Programme

Edinburgh, The Vaults – 4th September:

  • 4th September – The Gathering in the Courtyard. Members will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for a tasting session throughout the day. These include a rum tasting with Society ambassador Olaf Meier and an in-depth tasting session featuring this year’s Gathering exclusive releases hosted by The Vault’s own Dean M.

Edinburgh, Queen Street – 11th September:

  • 11th September – Gathering in the Gardens. For an extra £20, members will be able to take part in a signature one-hour Gathering tasting masterclass, taking place at 3.30 pm and 7.00 pm.

London, Greville Street – 17th September – 18th September

  • 17th September and 18th September – Greville Street: Linn Lounge – Fleetwood Mac Whisky and Music Experience.

Glasgow, Bath Street – 24th – 25th September

  • 22nd September – Bath Street: Linn Lounge – Led Zeppelin Whisky and Music Experience.
  • 25th September – The Gathering goes West.
  • 29th September – Bath Street: Linn Lounge – Pink Floyd Whisky and Music Experience.

For more information about The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Membership click here.

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